Wayfair and Facebook develop 3D shopping technology

What will the future of online shopping look like? Wayfair, and others, are working with Facebook to develop more options. The idea is to give shoppers new and exciting abilities when it comes to viewing and imagining the products for sale. And 3D is the new horizon. But what that might mean for merchants?

Facebook is keenly approaching the problem with new 3D options for shoppers and the marketplace Wayfair, which specialises in high-end homewares, is leading the way with some sexy new ways of eyeing up the goods. You can now envisage what’s up for sale with 3D imagery.

Now, you can view your favorite furniture up-close and easily interact with Wayfair items before you buy! How? We’re giving you an inside look at our exclusive 3D technology, utilizing the new Facebook 3D posts. Use your fingertips to navigate the space and explore Wayfair furniture like never before!
– Wayfair on Facebook

Facebook says that this is just the start of a new horizon:

In the future, we envision a seamless digital world where people can share immersive experiences and objects like these across VR, AR and Facebook News Feed.
– Facebook

3D imagery, and also video, are the future and it means that merchants will need to increasingly invest in imagery and showcase the goods that they are selling with sooper dooper snaps. It will require expertise and specialists, most likely, to make it work for most merchants. Specific equipment is vital and practitioners adept with their use will need to be engaged.

The real question is the extent to which the marketplaces can help grease the wheels and use their catalogues to provide merchants with 3D imagery for generic stock. As a seller, you will be reluctant to make and create 3D imagery if it can be piggybacked by other sellers. So the likes of Amazon should be keenly making it on your behalf. You pay them enough by way of fees after all: 3D imagery should be part of the service.

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Up for this I already photograph my watches from many angles and have used a shopify plugin to use 20 photos to make the watch rotate under JavaScript mouse control It's something I want to develop Online is getting saturated and anything that can give you an advantage is important I guess you're suggesting manufacturers start providing computer generated 3D images rather than just the standard stock photos for mass produces catalog stuff ?

Ian A • 5th March 2018 •

there are programs / items available for that. i can't recall the name of the company i dealt with a few years ago (sorry), they send you a free turntable and camera mount, just pop the watch on the turntable and it does you a 360 photo-video and converts it to something you can paste on your page, and the price really wasn't too bad at all.

james • 5th March 2018 •