Top ProfitSourcery opportunities the last month

Profit Sourcery is a UK market intelligence tool for Amazon sellers. They discover products which can be purchased from well-known UK based online retailers and sold on Amazon for a profit after fees.

This month ProfitSourcery has launched three new price plans, two of which focus solely on the top 1% of fastest sellers in each product category on Amazon.

Playdoh Ultimate Rainbow Pack

At the time of sourcing:

Buy Price: £4.99
Amazon Price: £13.94
ROI: 76% (£3.77)

Although the actual margin on this product is just £3.77 the ROI of 76% makes it a great investment and with such a high sales rank, 22,362 in toys and games at the time of sourcing, it’s a great product to make some fast profit. According to Keepa, Amazon has never stocked this product and there is currently only one FBA seller with stock, this means this is a great opportunity for merchant fulfilled and FBA sellers alike.

ASUS EA-N66 WLAN Ethernet Adapter

At the time of sourcing:

Buy Price: £39.98
Amazon Price: £78.26
ROI: 56% (£22.53)

This product had a fantastic ROI of 56%, on a £39.98 spend that’s a nice profit! Arguably the sales rank is even more impressive. At the time of sourcing it was 4713 in Computers & Accessories and at the time of writing it is number 78 in its subcategory, routers. Although Amazon does stock this product there is a 2-4 week delivery on it meaning the Buy Box is up for grabs. The only downside is that it’s a technical product, if you are going to stock something like this you need to be prepared for the possibility of customers asking you technical questions about its functionality. Fortunately in this example the product description appears to be pretty comprehensive which should answer most buyer questions.

Lalaloopsy Tinies 10 Doll Collection – Pack 1

At the time of sourcing:

Buy Price: £10.00
Amazon Price: £20.44
ROI: 40% (£3.99)

At the time we found this opportunity the product was available to buy from The Entertainer at just £10.00 and they were selling for Amazon at £20.44. The sales rank at the time was 8462 in Toys & Games putting it in the top 0.3% of bestsellers. Unfortunately a quick check of CamelCamelCamel shows this is the very high point of this products sales rank and its average is somewhere around 50,000. It might take a little longer to sell than first expected but the sales rank history does show consistent sales over the last 8 months and as Amazon does not stock the product and there are currently no FBA sellers it might just be worth the wait!

Logitech Performance MX Wireless Mouse

At the time of sourcing:

Buy Price: £39.97
Amazon Price: £69.99
ROI: 39% (£15.68)

At the time of sourcing the product was available to buy for £39.97 from Currys and the buy box price on Amazon was £69.99 leaving a nice 39% margin. What made this a really attractive opportunity was the sales rank at the time which was a remarkable 823 in Computers & Accessories placing it in the top 0.01% of best sellers. Looking at the Amazon listing, Amazon does stock this product but the Keepa graph shows that it is frequently out of stock. This means there is great opportunity to make sales while Amazon is out of stock, potentially at a higher price and even better margin.

Disney 72-inch Frozen Crystal Curtains

At the time of sourcing:

Buy Price: £8.35
Amazon Price: £16.15
ROI: 33% (£2.74)

This product was available to purchase for £8.35 at the time of sourcing. Although Keepa shows Amazon has consistently had stock of this the Buy Box is currently held by an FBA seller. It’s always a risk taking a chance on a product which Amazon stocks but in this case if you had the sales history and customer feedback to put you in a good position to win the Buy Box it might be worth the risk. Frozen is a huge phenomenon still and the sales rank, 4722 in Kitchen & Home, reflects that. It’s worth noting that some Frozen products are restricted due to counterfeit issues so it’s always worth checking whether you are able to add a product to your inventory before investing. You might also notice the photo on the Amazon listing is not great, in fact is not up to Amazon’s regulations. If you had the means to take a new, better quality photo you could ask Amazon to change it for you and this might even improve sales.

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