Turning the clock back – Too confusing!

I’ve a friend who had to work today and managed to be an hour late for work despite remembering that the clocks went back in the early hours of Sunday morning. The problem is he went around his house altering all the clocks, and changed the time on his mobile phone as well.

Unfortunately what he didn’t count on is his smartphone automatically compensating for the end of British Summer Time and automatically putting itself back another hour on top of the hour he put it back and so despite an extra hour in bed his alarm call was still an hour late.

I thought that was the most amusement to be had from the clocks changing, until Tamebay reader Steve pointed out that eBay didn’t get it an hour wrong – eBay managed a spectacular four year error! They stated that the would occur in 2008! Incidentally the 28th October 2008 was a Tuesday.

There’s often some confusion as to how eBay listings are affected by the clock changing. The answer is that they still run for the same length of time, but the end time will be an hour earlier than the start time due to the clocks changing.

Have you heard anyone else getting muddled up by the clocks changing? Anyone turn up for work early (or late!)?

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I used to have warehouse that opened to the public on a Sunday. When the clocks went forward or back it was always dead that morning for the first couple of hours. We opened at 9 am and one member of staff turned up two hours late as he'd put his watch forward and not back. Sure enough he was in two hours early in the spring.

Ross • 29th October 2012 •

LOL. That announcement is so old, I probably wrote it when I worked there (I left in 2006). At least I made the necessary amendments twice a year rather than copied and pasted though. Blimey. C'mon kids.

Dan Wilson • 29th October 2012 •

Oops! Yes this was a typo,apologies, but gives us the chance to look back at Tuesday 28th 2012. Polls in America put Barack Obama as leader in 2008 Presidential election There was a debate over what should happen to Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross after their on-air antics Cheryl and Ashley Cole were reported as planning to renew their wedding vows Harry Redknapp joins Spurs as manager Once again, apologies for the typo. Patrick Munden Head of Seller Communications eBay

Patrick Munden • 29th October 2012 •

Ha ha ha..... The chance to look back at Tuesday 28th 2012... wouldn't that be 2008? :D

Chris Dawson • 29th October 2012 •

Ha ha maybe Patrick wrote the announcement :-)

Mark • 30th October 2012 •

"Yes this was a typo,apologies, but gives us the chance to look back at Tuesday 28th 2012" There goes another one!

radroach • 29th October 2012 •

I used to be a worship leader in a church which met in a public hall. All pretty informal and open, but when people came in an hour late in the Spring (because they hadn't put their clocks forward) and tried to sneak in at the back, I used to make them come and sit at the front. Just because I could. And no, I'm not a schoolteacher by profession :D

Tony • 29th October 2012 •

Now that's just mean (I mean having a service that lasted longer than an hour... not making them sit at the front! :P)

Chris Dawson • 30th October 2012 •