By Sue February 27, 2011 - 9:35 am

5 ways to get repeat customers

Acquiring customers costs money, whether that's eBay fees or a vast marketing budget for your national TV ad campaign. It's a lot cheaper for most of us to sell again to the customers we've already got.... after all, we've already got 'em, they already like

Google search algorithm change dumps low quality content

Google has made a major change to their search engine algorithm in an attempt to surface quality content and reduce rankings for low-quality sites. Currently the change has only rolled in the US, but Google expect to roll out the changes to the rest of

Planned downtime for PayPal in March

PayPal are in the middle of moving to a new data centre and some merchants will be unable to process transactions during the move. The outage will last approximately an hour beginning on the 18th March at 9am GMT (2am PDT). The migration won't impact many

Mobile buying comes to eBay India

eBay India have launched their first Mobile Web Solution. Although it's still in Beta, it demonstates that not only is mobile ultra important to eBay but that usage of mobile solutions for web browsing is spreading to all quarters of the globe. Smartphone sales in India

Free listings for private sellers 26th-27th Feb

eBay have yet another free listing weekend for Private registered sellers. Auction style listings will be free regardless of start price for the 26th and 27th February. Again Business Sellers and PowerSellers aren't eligible for the promotion and Private sellers will only benefit if they're meeting

If eBay offered an ecommerce website package, would you use it?

There's been some speculation - largely due to eBay's involvement with Magento - that they may offer a more comprehensive ecommerce package than just your eBay Shop/Store. If eBay were to offer stand-alone ecommerce websites, would you use one? What do you think of

Have you been added to a Facebook group without your knowledge?

This is a bit off-topic for TameBay, but here we go. Facebook has a very, very annoying new feature (or if it's not new, I've never seen it before) which I'm almost loathe to blog about because I'd rather no one knew it. There's a

Justin Bieber’s lock of hair on eBay

Teen heart throb Justin Bieber has recently cut off his baby hair and now sports a new choppy hair cut. He appeared on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" day time talk show and gave her a lock of his hair as a belated birthday present

Bulk edit and Selling Manager Pro updates

The old version of the Bulk Edit form is due to be retired on the 8th March. Many sellers will already be using the new version where many attributes can be edited in-line. If you want to try out the new version before it's mandatory

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