By Chris Dawson June 30, 2009 - 4:20 pm

Google Base: "condition" now compulsory

If your website sends a feed to Google Base, you need to be aware that as of today, the "condition" attribute will be required for all listings. Acceptable values are new, used, or refurbished.

Glitch: extra charges when revising listings

We're hearing from a few sellers today that extra charges are being added onto their listings when revising - sometimes for the unsolicited addition of Gallery Plus @ £2.85, and sometimes for random and unfathomable amounts, some in excess of £5. If you're revising listings

eBay confirms refunds for Michael Jackson tickets

eBay have announced today that they will be extending the terms of the Buyer Protection Programme to cover all buyers of Michael Jackson tickets. The statement, made in eBay’s press centre rather than the more widely read Announcement Board, says “eBay is committed to ensuring

Free P&P FVF discount promotion extended

since last April offering 20% off FVFs to sellers in some categories who offer free postage on their items. This promotion was due to end this month, but has now been . The promo is valid for the Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Video games,

Skype trial could delay eBay unlocking $2bn

John Donahoe's statement that "Skype is a great stand-alone business" could be coming back to haunt him as the IPO due to float it off may be facing a long delay. Some of the technology that Skype uses is under dispute with Skype failing to secure

Wagglepop pops its clogs

Auction site Wagglepop is to close at the end of this month; after failing to find a buyer for the site as a going concern, it will be reborn as a "a 100% affiliate-driven marketplace through affiliate partnership agreement with Amazon". Originally launched in 2005 in

L'Oréal to appeal eBay ruling

L'Oréal are to appeal against a French court's decision that eBay is not responsible for the sale of fake cosmetics made through their site. The court had said last month that eBay "has fulfilled its obligation in good- faith" and that "preventing counterfeits will

Farewell to a fellow blogger

Gary, better known as The Auction Rebel was one of the original eBay bloggers that I started following in the early days of TameBay. Sadly his family have reported on his blog that Gary passed away on Tuesday this week. Gary's readers will remember him for

PayPal survey: why shoppers abandon their shopping

photo credit: avlxyzPayPal have published the results of their second annual Checkout Abandonment Survey, looking at why website buyers don't complete purchases. Just like last year's survey, an excessive shipping fee was the number one reason for shoppers walking away. It's clear that if