eBay Tools

These tools are free to use for all Tamebay readers and powered by our friends at Goofbid

eBay Bargains Search

eBay Bargains Search allows you to quickly discover items where an auction is drawing to a conclusion. These are potential eBay Bargains as they are they are soon going to the highest bidder and may still be yet to receive any bids!

eBay Best Offers

The eBay Best Offers Tool is one of the simplest ways of saving money caused by over-bidding on an item. This tool arms you with the information needed to make educated offers on an eBay item and allows users to determine what % discount a seller is likely to accept through a Best Offer.

eBay Bid History

eBay Bid History from Goofbid allows you to lookup what someone is bidding for on eBay. You can see what items they have won, the percentage of auctions they have the winning bid in and how much they have spent in up to the last 30 days.

eBay Exact Search

The eBay Exact Search allows you to do a regular search on eBay but have the benefits of using Goofbid’s advanced search filters to quickly and easily find the perfect item.

eBay Feedback Checker

When viewing feedback on eBay the positive feedback and negative feedback are mixed together, making it very difficult to find what messages other people have left when they have had problems. The eBay Feedback Checker solves this problem by just displaying the feedback messages that you choose.

eBay Local Search

earch for items that are local to you with the eBay Local Search tool. By searching for local items, it’s possible to grab a bargain and collect it the very same same day.

eBay Misspellings Search

The eBay Misspellings Search allows you to search for items that have been misspelled by the seller, giving you more chance of picking up a bargain as nobody else can find it. For example if you type in Playstation we will automatically search for misspellings such as Paystation, Playstaion, Playtation, and more.

eBay Most Popular Items

Want to find the most popular items on eBay? Use our eBay Most Popular Items Tool to study what items are hot. The Most Popular Tool from Goofbid allows you to see the most popular items for your search terms.

eBay Not In Title Search

The eBay Not In Title Search allows you to find bargains that have been listed incorrectly by not including all the relevant information in the item title.

eBay Price Finder

The eBay Price Finder Tool from Goofbid allows you to view an items average selling price. By entering keywords you can find how much they have been selling for on eBay over the period you choose.

eBay Seller History

The eBay Seller History Tool from Goofbid allows you to view a sellers sale history. You can see exactly what a seller has sold, how many they sold, how much their turnover was and how much they spent in eBay fees in upto the last 15 days.