By Chris Dawson June 10, 2020 - 11:40 am

WorldFirst new and improved World Account

There's a new and improved World Account for customers who use WorldFirst payment services for their marketplace and online businesses. Don't go rushing looking for a major change however as the account will feel very familiar with all your normal services, but there are a

Exit coronavirus crisis with enhanced ecommerce strategy webinar

Our chums at WorldFirst have teamed up with Activ8 to offer some tips on how to come out of the coronavirus crisis with an enhanced ecommerce strategy. You will learn more about how to review digital channel strategy, creating opportunities for cross-border success, recognising which require Netherlands bank account

Unlike other Amazon Europe platforms where you can use a bank account located anywhere in the Euro zone to collect proceeds from sales, it turns out that on Amazon's newest site,, a Netherlands bank account is required in order to receive your pay outs.

Top 4 Asian marketplaces

With China on lockdown due to the Coronavirus and much of Asia taking precautions, the eyes of the world are on the global health emergency. Sooner or later the lockdown will end, the health emergency will be over and consumers will be out shopping again

WorldFirst 2020 Currency Outlook

WorldFirst 2020 Currency Outlook has been published with Currency Specialist Jack Cincotta providing highlights for the year ahead in currency markets. Naturally our first concern in the UK is for the 2020 currency outlook for The Pound and how this could impact online merchants. Extensions, negotiations

Q1 Key Retail Dates for 2020

We are already well into 2020 and planning should now be underway to maximise on sales opportunities. Top brands don’t leave it till the last minute, they will all have plans and campaigns ready to go months in advance. To help guide your planning, WorldFirst have

US China trade deal impact on currency moves year to date

China is one of the biggest economies of the world and also home to one of the world's largest online marketplaces - Alibaba. With that in mind, the US China trade deal has significance way beyond impacting the two nations concerned and has the ability

Alibaba’s Ant Financial buys UK’s WorldFirst

WorldFirst is now part of Alibaba's Ant Financial group in what's thought to be a deal in the region of $700m. In order to clear the deal, it's now clear that WorldFirst divested their US operations to side step US regulatory scrutiny as Shareholders approved

WorldFirst US operations will be re-branded as Omega

WorldFirst US Operations are in the process of shutting down. It's important to note that services for WorldFirst customers based outside of the US, including in Canada and the UK, will be unaffected by the US closure, and customers will continue to be able to