By Dan Wilson July 12, 2017 - 8:55 am

Introducing the PayPal Global Sellers scheme with Webinterpret

Sometimes an offer comes along that looks astonishingly attractive and Paypal Global Sellers, which they've launched in conjunction with Webinterpret, does almost seem too good to be true. The offer is decent: PayPal and WebInterpret say they can get your webstore ready for international sales,

Thinking ahead is a key feature for online sales pioneers #tamebay@10

Approaching Tamebay's 10th birthday, we've asked our party sponsors to give a view on what the next 10 years will hold. Karolina Kulach is a content marketer and non-fiction writer, specialising in global ecommerce and online sales trends. Here, on behalf of WebInterpret she considers the

Amazon Pro Meet-up, London: 16/5/16

The latest Amazon Seller Meet-up is happening today in London. Find out more on the meet-up page. It's happening in Islington at the Chapel Bar on Penton Street from 18:00. They're going to be focussing on international selling and looking at it from the perspective of

WebInterpret acquires Ekos Global

WebInterpret have announced the acquisition of the London based Cross-Border Ecommerce Platform, Ekos Global. Ekos was launched in 2012 by British and Swedish entrepreneurs Fitch Richardson and Andre Borgstrom who join the WebInterpret team. The platform enables online retailers to rapidly expand into foreign markets by

A simple guide on how to sell items successfully

It never hurts to review our listings and what's important to customers, and following the Easter break is not a bad time to do so. Today Konrad Sztorc - Marketing Manager at WebInterpret - has some tips on how online merchants should communicate to their

Building the Support of your Customers’ Dreams

“Good morning. This is your Customer Service. Please select what you would like to talk to Customer Service about from 10 options that we will give you in a minute. Then hold for 10 minutes listening to Bach and then find out that your customer

Save money when selling on Amazon EU

Webinterpret are well known for translating eBay listings, but what's less known is that they offer the a similar service for Amazon. Webinterpret say that whilst selling on international Amazon sites can potentially double your income, about 3% of this revenue is lost due to

Growing a business from startup idea

Growing a business from startup idea to successful enterprise is always a challenge and often involves changes to the original business plan. We asked Webinterpret founders Patrick Smarzynski and Benjamin Cohen how they grew Webinterpret from a start up to a company with 10,000 users and

Guest post: 5 things you should be curious about while selling internationally

Christopher Govender, Team Mentor at Webinterpret, explains to customers what international online retailers should be curious about while planning to expand their businesses even more on foreign markets. Curiosity is more important than knowledge – as Albert Einstein once said. Although he didn’t know anything about

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