By Chris Dawson August 9, 2021 - 10:00 am

eBay Partner Award 2021 for the UK and FRITES – Volo Commerce

In June this year, Volo Commerce won the eBay Partner Award for the UK and FRITES (France, Italy, Spain) for Implementation Excellence for eBay Managed Payments. Volo Commerce began life as eSellerPro in about 2004, although they list 2006 as their official beginning. eBay is

eBay 2021 Early Adopter Star Developer – Volo Commerce

At eBay Connect 2021, eBay's third-party developer conference, eBay’s 2021 Early Adopter Star Developer Award was presented to Volo Commerce. So why did they win? With the promised reopening of society that's soon coming to the UK with England due to drop all Coronavirus restrictions barring

Insuppa targets double revenues in 2021 with ecommotors

Ilker Beyaz is the owner-manager of Insuppa Auto Spare parts. Today on Tamebay, he describes his ecommerce journey so far with Volo Commerce and E-Motive Online who together operate the full service parts and accessories ecommerce provider ecommotors. As well as reading his story below, Ilker

Tamebay Live 10:00am today: How data and marketplace search work

This panel discussion, led by Andrew Rowson, will explore why data is the foundation for embracing the customer journey, what the main marketplaces require, the tools at your disposal to optimise marketplaces search and what you should be doing next. If you've not yet registered

Tamebay Live 2:35pm today: Your long term ecommerce strategy – a ‘how to’ guide

In the final session today, you don't want to miss Tony Kyberd presenting the results of a Tamebay survey in a session titled 'Your long term ecommerce strategy – a ‘how to’ guide' If you've not yet registered for the Tamebay Live week of masterclasses and

Cash Prizes at Tamebay Live – Reasons to attend #2

If you've not yet signed up to Tamebay Live, sign up today and you could win cash. We've got two cash prizes up for grabs, one before Tamebay Live and another while Tamebay Live is running. Cash Prizes 1 - 2 x £75 Amazon Vouchers Volo Commerce

Survey: The Biggest Barriers to Long Term Ecommerce Growth

Volo Commerce has today launched a survey on long term ecommerce growth, inviting sellers to highlight what they see as the biggest barriers to growth and the priority areas for the future. The survey focuses on the experiences of 2020, the lessons learned and how they’re

Do You Know Your Net Margin on Each Order?

In this guest post today, Tony Kyberd, CEO of ecommerce platform and services provider Volo Commerce, reminds us of the importance of net margin and explores whether it’s possible to know what you’re really making on each sale. It’s a cliché I know, but I

OnBuy Multichannel Integration Partners to help you sell

On of the biggest complaints we hear about new marketplaces is the lack of channel integration they have to offer. One of the first decisions when considering selling on a new venue is how can you integrate it with your stock control and order management

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