By Dan Wilson September 7, 2017 - 9:19 pm

How to sell on eBay: eBay defects #tamebayTV

As we wrote earlier in the week, the importance of eBay feedback has diminished over the years. But the rise of the eBay defects system, with relation to seller prominence in search, has increased. But what are eBay defects? That's what our latest video explores.

How to sell on eBay: the Global Selling Programme #tamebayTV

This is the latest 'How to Sell on eBay' video coming from TamebayTV and this week we're looking at eBay's Global Selling Programme. Find the video below. The TamebayTV videos are produced in association with The eBay Global Shipping Programme or GSP is a good thing.

How to sell on eBay: shipping the goods #tamebaytv

In this How to Sell on eBay video from #TamebayTV we look at eBay shipping. It's probably the biggest sink of time for any marketplace seller and also offers the greatest opportunities to find greater time efficiencies: when you stop queueing at the post office

How to sell on eBay UK: pictures and images #tamebayTV

This is our latest How to Sell on eBay UK video on TamebayTV. This week I look at images and photography on eBay. In the increasingly image driven world of ecommerce, eBay needs more and better photographs from sellers to satisfy mobile shoppers who most

eBay Active Content compliant videos in eBay listings from Frooition

We've written about some of the concerns surrounding eBay's new Active Content Ban and what that means for the inclusion of videos in eBay listings. The Active Content ban is now in force but Frooition say they have a solution for including videos in listings

TamebayTV: Best Match on eBay UK

Here is the next in our TamebayTV series of 'How To' videos for eBay sellers. Our first one looked at optimising your eBay listings. This second instalment considers eBay's Best Match system. Every eBay seller needs to be an expert in Best Match, it's how

Video round-up: Buyer Fraud and VAT on eBay UK Fees #tamebaytv

In this week's video round-up I've concentrated on two stories. Both are eBay related. Firstly, I talk about buyer fraud and the reaction you gave to my post recently: it's been the most commented on Tamebay story in the past few weeks. The question is

BBC Store to close and encourages customers to sign for Amazon Video

BBC Store has closed to new customers and will cease to exist on the 1st of November this year. If you weren't aware of it, BBC Store offered the opportunity to pay to stream episodes or complete series of programmes from the BBC archives. It

Looking at the eBay UK 2017 Spring Seller Release [video]

eBay UK made their Spring 2017 Seller Release this week. It's always big news and it's not a case of sellers having to react with the question of "Should I jump?" The question is "How high?" The most vexing issue, as is explored by many of

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