By Chris Dawson June 25, 2021 - 11:22 am

eBay Video in gallery comes to UK listings

eBay Video has been announced for the UK! Sellers can now add videos to their gallery on the View Item pages. Slight snag, you can't yet do it through the Sell Your Item flow and will have to use the eBay API or a third

eBay video capability for listings and storefronts coming in 2021

eBay video capability for listings and storefronts has started to be introduced in the US and could be a game changer for showing off your products to their best. Starting with select listings and currently only viewable on the mobile app, eBay video capability is

Amazon Live streaming for brands on

Amazon have a new marketing option for Brands and Retailers - Amazon Live. It's a new video streaming service, loosely related to TV shopping channels such as QVC, where Brands can tout their wares to the ever voracious Amazon consumer base. Amazon Live enables brands to

Instagram hits 1 billion users, launches Instagram TV

Instagram hit 1 billion users and at the same time have launched a broadside at YouTube with Instagram TV or IGTV as they're calling it. YouTube and Vimeo are the defacto go to websites for video content, so how does Instagram set themselves aside? Simple, we've

The Amazon Business marketplace opportunity [video] #IRX18

One of the presentations at Internet Retailing Expo in Birmingham last month came from Amazon Business. Nikhil Amin of Amazon business gave a talk about how they see the marketplace that's honed and developed especially for B2B (business to business) sales. And it's not just businesses

Small channels banned from YouTube monetisation

YouTube have changed their eligibility for monetising videos through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which could discourage small content creators from starting out on the site. The new YPP eligibility requirements for monetization are to have attracted 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months

How to sell on eBay: eBay defects #tamebayTV

As we wrote earlier in the week, the importance of eBay feedback has diminished over the years. But the rise of the eBay defects system, with relation to seller prominence in search, has increased. But what are eBay defects? That's what our latest video explores.

How to sell on eBay: the Global Selling Programme #tamebayTV

This is the latest 'How to Sell on eBay' video coming from TamebayTV and this week we're looking at eBay's Global Selling Programme. Find the video below. The TamebayTV videos are produced in association with The eBay Global Shipping Programme or GSP is a good thing.

How to sell on eBay: shipping the goods #tamebaytv

In this How to Sell on eBay video from #TamebayTV we look at eBay shipping. It's probably the biggest sink of time for any marketplace seller and also offers the greatest opportunities to find greater time efficiencies: when you stop queueing at the post office

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