By Sasha Fedorenko July 26, 2019 - 10:30 am

How did Prime Day 2019 perform in Anglosphere markets?

Prime Day 2019 saw sellers exceed £1.61 billion in sales worldwide, marking it the biggest Amazon shopping event ever for third-party sellers. However, how did the 48-hour shopping bonanza perform in the Anglosphere markets? A new analysis by research group Hitwise took a close look at

US-China trade war: Alibaba hits back at the US over ‘unfair’ treatment of Huawei

Alibaba hit back at the US's "unfair" treatment of technology company Huawei after the country tried to limit the tech leader's access to Western markets, in what increasingly looks like a US-China trade war. The marketplace said last Friday that the manipulation of Huawei's trading in international markets

US Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2018

We have already published the last posting dates for Royal Mail shipments for Christmas 2018 and it's already too late to ship Royal Mail International Economy to some destinations such as to Australia, New Zealand and some of the Middle and Far East if you

US Supreme court rules States can collect Sales Tax

The US Supreme court has ruled that States can collect Sales Tax require online retailers to collect Sales Tax even in States where they don't have a physical presence. They delivered their Opinion on Thursday this week This has far reaching implications for online retailers, not

Last Posting Dates in the US for Christmas 2017

The last posting dates for Christmas 2017 might still seem a long way off, but if you ship to the US you need to be aware that the holidays start much earlier the other side of the Atlantic. The first last posting dates are towards

Amnesty for UK and EU Sellers for US State Sales Tax

Earlier this week we wrote about a tax amnesty for US sellers who may not have been remitting sales tax to States where they have a nexus. We can no announce that the amnesty will also apply to all UK and EU sellers who may

13 State 3 Month Sales Tax Amnesty for online retailers in US

The US sales tax regime is complicated as a seller is required to collect and remit taxes in each state where they have a 'nexus'. A 'nexus' is place of business, but can be complicated if you for instance us Amazon FBA and your products

Walmart Marketplace invites UK, Canadian and Chinese to sell

Walmart marketplace may be more in reach for UK sellers than it previously appeared. Up until now Walmart has stocked items from US retailers only but they're opening the doors to carefully selected sellers from around the world. Reuters invitations have been going out to sellers

eBay is shutting

eBay owned US marketplace will be closing down as of 31st of August 2017. Returns will be processed until the 31st of October. eBay bought Half in 2000 for about $350m. It was a big deal at the time but it does look like small