By Lauren Fruncillo July 29, 2021 - 2:23 pm

Twitter grab a piece of ecommerce pie with Shop Module

Earlier in the year Twitter let us know that they were testing out the potential for shopping on their platform. This week Twitter have announced the launch of a pilot of the Shop Module, a feature that allows them to explore how shoppable profiles can

President Trump resumes assault against Amazon over US Postal Service

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has resumed his assault on Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos this afternoon. President Trump has reiterated his belief that the United States Postal services (USPS) essentially subsidises Amazon parcels by not charging enough. We've written about this

Twitter urge users to change passwords after internal bug

Twitter is suggesting that users of the social media service change their passwords due to a security bug. The trouble with this is that many users are likely to use the same password for multiple accounts which will mean changing them all... and of course

New Twitter rules could impact ecommerce merchants

New rules on Twitter, aimed squarely at limiting abuse and large-scale tweeting and retweeting of the same content, are now in force and could impact ecommerce merchants who use the social media platform to promote their goods for sale. Specifically, the new rules relate to multiple

twitter tests doubling 140 limit to 280 character tweets

In the biggest change since you could attach an image to a tweet, twitter are to test doubling the number of characters you can include in a tweet from 140 to 280. The original 140 character limit came when twitter founder Jack Dorsey decided a limit

Scammers take to Twitter to try and defraud Amazon users

The latest attempted scam whereby fraudsters have tried to get their hands on personal details involves @Amazon and Twitter. It seems that a false account called amazonhelps2 has been targeting Amazon shoppers who were reporting problems with deliveries on the social network. The account then privately

Twitter success masterclass 2017, London: 6/4/17

How to create a credible Twitter presence for your business.

eBay Collections and Social Media Selling

eBay Collections are an effective, but for many sellers underutilised, way of attracting additional traffic to your listings. Anyone on eBay can create a collection, which is basically a group of eBay items hand-selected around a theme, concept or passion. Collections are ranked by popularity to

Tamebay’s all new Daily Bulletin email

If you subscribe to Tamebay via email you've probably noticed it looks a little different this morning. We've given it a bit of an overhaul as well as replatformed the back end so that we can add further enhancements in the future. The first thing you'll

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