By Chris Dawson February 6, 2020 - 12:12 pm

eBay TurboLister to be finally killed off July 2020

You might be forgiven for having forgotten about eBay TurboLister as it's been dead for a year if you're in Europe. However the clunky and much derided often nicknamed 'TurdoLister', but still loved by many despite it's faults has lumbered on in the US but

New (Free) Spark Lister eBay TurboLister Alternative

There's a new eBay TurboLister alternative available and in even better news the Spark Lister eBay Turbolister alternative is free to download and use. What's amazing is that it comes from Bonanza, a marketplace which on the face of things is a competitor to eBay. The

How to export listings from eBay TurboLister

With the imminent demise of eBay TurboLister, it's likely that if you still use the tool that you want to save your eBay listings in a format that you can reuse them with other tools in the future. It's relatively simple to import listings already

7 eBay TurboLister alternatives to consider

With the final demise of TurboLister just a few weeks away, sellers will be forced to look for alternatives. There are many multichannel solutions available which offer many more features than TurboLister, but for those used to a comprehensive but free eBay supported listing tool

eBay confirm Turbolister will be fully retired in Feb 2019

eBay have confirmed that TurboLister will be fully retired across their European sites including the UK at some point in the next month. This means that if you are still using TurboLister you need to find an alternative solution. If you don't have alternative plans

Wonder Lister: A possible alternative for eBay TurboLister

TurboLister, the much maligned eBay desktop tool used by millions of sellers during the past couple of decades is to be finally turned off some time this Autumn. It's unavailable for download for new users but we're only too well aware that many eBay users

Freebies you’ll lose when you migrate to eBay’s Seller Hub

As you start to migrate to the new eBay Seller Hub from eBay's TurboLister, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, there are a number of free features which you might end up paying for. Frankly, some of the features we'd probably recommend that you don't

eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: Seller Hub & Turbolister retirement

eBay are planning to migrate all business sellers to Seller Hub, starting this autumn. This means the end of Turbolister, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. Recently added to the Seller Hub growth section are: Insights on how to make your listings more likely to sell Data on

Xpress Lister: An eBay TurboLister Replacement

eBay's TurboLister is going to be retired in June 2017 so if you use the tool you will have to find a replacement. Today we're going to look at Xpress Lister from Codisto as a replacement option and compare it's features to TurboLister. We have considered

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