Trust And Safety

By Chris Dawson October 19, 2007 - 8:35 am

Genuine PayPal emails with spoof URLs

PayPal emails are corrupt this morning. They are arriving for valid transactions with the PayPal URL replaced by an error. The links in the email including picture links all refer to https://SECURE.UNINITIALIZED.REAL.ERROR.COM/uk/vst/id=xx Although disconcerting it appears simply to be an email error. The payments are real

eBay and PayPal phishing slows

According to a report out today from anti-virus vendor Sophos, eBay and PayPal phishing emails have dropped significantly in the past year. A year ago nine out of ten spoof emails were targetting either PayPal or eBay, today it's down to one in five. Graham Cluley

PayPal advanced fraud detection rollout

There's good news from PayPal this morning, they about to start testing advanced fraud detection. Too often in the past sellers receive a payment, they ship the goods and 24-48 hours later receive an email from PayPal stating that the payment is under review. The email

How to recognise a spoof email

Yahoo! promised, back in June, to be the first ISP to implement Domain Key checking on emails to protect their users. PayPal and eBay have announced in conjunction with Yahoo! that all Yahoo! Mail users will be protected from spoofs. Domain Keys provide a unique way

Vladuz is back

Auctionsbytes reports that Vladuz the Romanian hacker is back on eBay. eBay themselves have confirmed that he was able to gain access to "a very small number" of accounts, which he then suspended. There's some indication that he targetted those who have been critical of

Designer fakes seller jailed

A 38-year old former town councillor has been jailed for selling fake designer goods on eBay. Richard Burge, from Conwy, was caught by Trading Standards officers with fake Armani jeans and 85 other counterfeit designer items which would have been worth £7,000 if genuine. Burge

No apology from Jajah for cancelled listings

Jajah is a competitive service to eBay owned Skype, it allows you to make telephone calls across the Internet for free. Trouble is they encroached on eBay's territory without knowing the rules resulting in their users eBay listings being cancelled. On their blog Jajah promoted their

GG's replacement? That's Rich!

It's the end of an era for eBay UK this week, as Garreth Griffith steps down as Head of Trust and Safety. Garreth told us "I leave eBay with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am sad to leave behind a wonderful team of

Message board CC details "not valid at all"

eBay's official blog, The Chatter, has posted more details on Tuesday's incident where member details and credit card information were posted on an eBay message board. As we expected, the information is said to have been probably the result of a phishing exercise. While the