By Lauren Fruncillo May 19, 2020 - 7:09 pm

Alibaba data shows shift to digital amid COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has caused swift shifts in ecommerce around the globe and Alibaba have announced an update on the shifts they’re seeing on their platform amid COVID-19. The emerging data and trends show that American businesses are rapidly going digital. Online marketplaces have

Gaming, gardening and bidets in demand on

Consumers in the US are washing more than just their hands according to eBay's list of in demand items. The marketplace have announced that among gaming gadgets, hobbyist must-haves, and gardening supplies consumers have been buying bidets. eBay's Jordan Sweetnam has offered some interesting insights into

Slippers are the hottest thing on the Internet right now

Slippers were once the goto gift for Christmas. If you couldn't answer the question "What shall we get Dad for Christmas?" then "New Slippers..." was a defacto fall back along with "...and a bottle of booze! Now, in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, slippers are

2020 ecommerce trends according to SearchNode report

As we head towards the end of Jan and fully immerse ourselves in the year ahead, 2020 ecommerce trends as published by SearchNode might come in handy for those seeking to remove the guesswork from the ecommerse expectations of 2020. The survey by SearchNode was conducted

The top eBay trends that shaped the past two decades

We've just began a new decade and we take a look back at the top eBay trends that shaped our online shopping carts every year since 2000, according to search and sales data. We've seen trends in a range of categories including Pokémon, velour tracksuits,

Etsy shoppers love botanical mini calendars

Etsy have just announced their most recent '5-Star Buy' and it shows consumers are ready to start the new year in botanical style. Last month Etsy shoppers swooned over celestial jewellery but now it’s a new year, another decade, and time for fresh starts as

Etsy trends 2020 reveals self-loving consumers

A new decade is approaching, 2020 has been titled the year of 'purpose' and Etsy trends have revealed that consumers are all about that 'me' culture. Today, environmental and social awareness prompts many of the choices consumers make on purchases. They'll be focusing on what

#SmileItsSummer Amazon Trends Report for the UK

With the month of June, and start of summer, officially upon us, Amazon UK have released their #SmileItsSummer Trend Report, predicting the experiences, services and products that will make Britons smile this summer. Amazon have also launched their #SmileItsSummer store. The independent report, commissioned by Amazon

This year in marketplace trends: what to expect from 2019?

What will this year hold for marketplace sellers? Understanding which direction the market is moving can help merchants plan their strategies for a successful trading year. Today Tamebay will look at the main marketplace trends that look set to take off in 2019. Cross-border consumption, cross-border expansion Borders are merging

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