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By Chris Dawson March 28, 2018 - 12:55 pm

eBay Valet program dumped in the US

If you want to sell something on eBay, sell it yourself. It would appear that after many programs over many years that eBay simply isn't very good at arranging for someone to sell your items for you and they've just shut their latest attempt -

eBay Neighbourhoods to shut down by end of August

eBay UK have announced that they'll be closing eBay Neighbourhoods by the end of August. Neighbourhoods were announced as an updated version of eBay Trading Assistants in July of 2016 with the aim to connect experienced sellers with people in their local area who need help

eBay Neighbourhood expands to 11 new cities today

eBay Neighbourhood, eBay’s new peer to peer assisted selling services is expanding to new cities today. The original trial areas went live in London, Manchester and Glasgow in August and eBay are now expanding the program to 11 new cities - Oxford; Nottingham; Brighton; Leeds; Birmingham;

eBay Neighbourhood Pilot goes live today

eBay Neighbourhood, eBay's new peer to peer assisted selling services, launches in pilot form today. We understand that there are trial areas live in London, Manchester and Glasgow. eBay Neighbourhood is a service that allows trusted eBay sellers to help customers shift their stuff, which could

eBay Neighbourhood to replace eBay UK Trading Assistant Program

eBay are to run a three month trial of a new selling program - eBay Neighbourhood. It's like an updated version of their Trading Assistant program, but more rigidly organised, for instance commission fees are fixed. eBay Neighbourhood connects you with people in your local area

eBay acquires Twice to sell on eBay for you

eBay announced on the day that they separated from PayPal that they are to acquire 2nd hand clothing consignment retailer, Twice. The vision at Twice was to make selling as easy as shopping, and to make buying used feel like buying new. How does the acquisition fit Trading Assistant Program scrapped

There's a bit of an uproar in the US about the closure of the eBay Trading Assistant program. eBay emailed US Trading Assistants telling them "We’ve been listening to feedback from many of you and have heard that the program is not meeting expectations or

Let eBay sell your stuff for you!

eBay are running an eBay Selling Assistant trial in San Jose CA and Topeka KS in the US, where an eBay employee will come and collect your unwanted goods from your home and get them listed on eBay for you. Once collected by eBay your goods

Prospering as a Trading Assistant – eBay DSRs

David Brackin is an occasional guest writer on Tamebay and is a Director of Stuff U Sell, the UK’s leading eBay Trading Assistant. His business has sold over £5m of goods for clients – both private and business – and maintains Top Rated Seller

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