By Chris Dawson September 17, 2021 - 10:00 am

Zebra TC57 Royal Mail handhelds to increase scanning compliance

Royal Mail is rolling out a new Zebra TC57 handheld device to posties across the UK, which they say will offer a more user-friendly experience for both frontline colleagues and customers. The rollout will be for 72,500 new devices to Royal Mail and Parcelforce. We had

Amazon Chinese seller VTR now effective

The Amazon Chinese seller VTR (Valid Tracking Rate) policy went into effect on the 9th of August 2021 for packages shipped directly to customers from China. Under the Amazon Chinese seller VTR, you are now required to use a shipping service provider that is ship track-integrated

Amazon VTR Royal Mail Confusion apology

Amazon have identified that the VTR calculation was not correctly recognising that Royal Mail 1st class and Royal Mail 2nd class ship methods require a barcode ID. They made these updates on 20th July, so if you were selecting these ship methods and not providing

Amazon VTR updates based on merchant feedback

Amazon have made some recent Ship Confirm Amazon VTR updates to the policy requirements announced in the beginning of March this year. The good news is that they have listened and included some options for those unable to provide Amazon compliant tracking information, so

Upcoming Amazon Policy Changes for Q2 2021

There are a number of Amazon policy changes coming in the next few months which you need to be aware of. The Amazon policy changes which will be troublesome and worth noting are VTR and changes to Seller Fulfilled Prime. The good news is quicker claims

Amazon VTR (Valid Tracking Rate) more detail

As a reminder, from 19 April 2021, Amazon VTR will kick in and you will be required to provide the name of the shipping service provider and the specific delivery service used for all merchant fulfilled orders and the tracking ID for merchant fulfilled orders

Amazon Valid Tracking Rate from the 19th April 2021

The Amazon Valid Tracking Rate measures how often you use valid tracking numbers on your seller fulfilled orders. There are new tracking policy requirements from the 19th of April this year for which you'll be expected to achieve 95% compliance. This will only apply to

Amazon carrier name, delivery service required from Feb 2021

From the 2nd of February 2021, Amazon will require the carrier name and delivery service used to be entered for items you ship directly to customers on the Amazon Merchant Fulfillment channel. There will also be a requirement to enter a tracking number where one

eVTN (eBay Virtual Tracking Number) and what you need to know

eBay have started to add a eVTN - a unique eBay code - to orders shipped via Royal Mail to improve buyers post-transaction experience by making it easier for them to see any available tracking and delivery confirmation for the parcel’s journey. The eVTN is

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