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By Jane Bell February 21, 2017 - 12:45 pm

eBay, it’s time for a level playing field on my metrics please

Jane is the eBay Anorak and has discovered that not all eBay metrics are measured in the same way: We often hear the phrase ‘level playing field’ when referring to eBay for one reason or another but I’d like to request said field within my own

eBay Premium Service Discounts not credited

We're starting to hear from eBay sellers that they've not received the eBay premium service discount on their latest eBay invoices. If your listings meet all the criteria, postage, dispatch time, returns etc and qualify for the discount then you should be getting a 10%

Are you now offering 30-day returns on eBay?

Since Sunday, if you wanted your eBay listings to display the Premium Service badge and qualify for seller discounts you would have to be offering 30 day returns. Previously the returns window on eBay was 14 days in line with EU directives on consumer rights.

Mandatory 30 day returns for Top Rated Sellers

eBay are increasing the returns period required for eBay Premium Service listings from 14 to 30 days. The new 30 day returns requirement will apply from the 1st of May 2016. That means eBay Top-rated Sellers will need to offer 30-day returns in order for listings

eBay UK Seller Release: 30 Day Returns Requirement

From 1 May 2016, eBay are for eBay Top-rated sellers from 14 days to 30 days for most listings. From 1 May 2016, you’ll need to offer 30-day returns with money back to qualify for the eBay Top-rated seller discount and badge. eBay say that

eBay to protect UK sellers from German postal strike

Back in June we noted that the Deutsche Post strike in Germany was starting to impact UK sellers shipping to Germany. eBay have already started to protect German sellers discounting low detailed seller ratings in the calculation of the seller status. eBay Germany are also working

eBay protect German sellers during postal strike

On the 18th of June, eBay Germany announced that if buyers leave low Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) due to the Deutsche Post strikes in June that they will be discounted in the calculation of the seller status. eBay Germany are also working for automatic removal

eBay Defect Seller Standards: 1st Assessment

Today is the date that you will find out your seller status as measured by the new Seller Defect rating. We've heard lots of concerns both on is the new policy too draconian and possible glitches to the system which may need refining. We're really interested

How to lower your eBay defect rate

Without a doubt the new eBay satisfaction measure, the defect rate, is going to be a pain for sellers in the coming months. However there's one simple tip that can without a doubt lower your defect rate and that's simply to encourage customers to take