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By Chris Dawson May 19, 2020 - 10:00 am

eBay Seller Protections extension for UK sellers

One of the very first steps eBay took was to promise sellers that they would protect your earned status throughout the pandemic. Even before the UK went into official lock down, eBay were already thinking about how to ensure sellers were looked after and on extend Seller Performance Account protections in the US have extended Seller Performance Account protections, first announced in March, right through to the end of July for US sellers. Recognising the challenges for eBay sellers and especially that they may be forced to despatch later than normal and, even if they can despatch

eBay Coronavirus protection for sellers reminder

eBay have emailed business sellers today to remind them that the eBay Coronavirus protection for sellers is in place and their accounts will not be downgraded if it's not their fault. Your eBay seller Performance Standards Level will not be affected in case of delays

Protecting eBay seller standards in the UK for 90 days

The Coronavirus crisis is fast moving and every business is scrambling to make emergency plans to keep running and at the same time worrying about how to look after their employees and keep them safe. eBay recognise this and eBay UK have, as an immediate Coronavirus protections for seller standards Coronavirus protections for seller standards for sellers in the US have been announced - we're yet to hear of similar protections in the UK but will let you know as soon as any are announced. "Ebay (sic) realizes that flexibility in business operations is essential

Enhanced eBay Seller Protection live from today

From today, eBay Top-rated Sellers in the UK will get enhanced eBay Seller Protection on listings that offer 30-day returns or more. Up to today, all sellers were covered in instance where an item arrives late that you posted on time, you fulfilled your orders as

eBay UK Autumn Seller Release – Enhanced eBay Seller Protection

From the 1st of October, eBay Top-rated Sellers in the UK will get enhanced eBay Seller Protection on listings that offer 30-day returns or more. The following cases are covered: Enhanced eBay Seller Protection for Top Rated Seller If you receive a false ‘Item not as described’

Etsy Super Seller Badge tests to proportion of buyers

A new Etsy Super Seller badge is being tested on the listing pages of sellers that are eligible. Sellers are eligible for the ‘Super Seller’ badge if they: Have more than 25 sales Ship on time for the majority of orders (including sellers who sell

An eBay UK Director has achieved eBay Top Rated Seller status

Many years ago when I first started selling on eBay I was always impressed to see the number of eBay staff who sold online. If you ever went into the eBay offices you'd see desks piled high with items listed on the site waiting to

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