By Chris Dawson September 30, 2021 - 10:00 am

InPost at Tesco rollout by Christmas

InPost has today announced a new partnership with Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain. The deal will see InPost’s automated parcel machines (APMs) deployed across Tesco’s entire large-format store estate in the UK, potentially up to 500 sites, by the end of November, and yes

Amazon could overtake Tesco as as the UK’s largest retailer

It looks possible! According to new data from Edge by Ascential, Amazon are set to overtake Tesco as the UK’s largest retailer by 2025 when their UK sales are expected to reach £77.1 billion. As of 2020 Amazon were sitting at total sales of £36.3

Why Tesco Direct shouldn’t deter UK Retailer Marketplaces

500 people working for Tesco are at risk of losing their jobs after the news that Tesco Direct is to shut down. Many of the 'Colleagues' as the company calls them almost certainly will as the Fenny Lock fulfilment centre is to shut down and

Tamebay comment: Is any UK retailer imaginative enough to operate an online marketplace?

The news was revealed today that Tesco Direct will be closing many of its services and with that goes the Tesco online marketplace. Over the years Tamebay has craved entry into the UK ecommerce from credible, solid, additional players to diversify the offering for third-party

Tesco Marketplace to shut along with Tesco Direct

Tesco is the third UK marketplace to shut this year, following the closure of the Halfords marketplace in April and Gameseek calling in the liquidators. Tesco say that they have conducted a detailed review of Tesco Direct, their non-food website, and has concluded that, despite best

Would Sainsbury’s Asda merger help eBay Click & Collect?

If you've watched the news in the past 24 hours you can hardly have missed the potential Sainsbury's Asda merger. In an audacious £10 billion bid, the combined company would propel the 2nd and 3rd largest UK supermarkets ahead Tesco which would lose it's crown

Do retailers understand what a marketplace is?

It's been an interesting year already with the news that Halfords marketplace is to close and the question has to be asked if retailers really understand what a marketplace is when they open one on their ecommerce website. In the UK, GAME, Halfords, Tesco and Gameseek

Tesco rolls out same-day delivery service nationwide

Tesco has announced that same-day delivery, previously only available to customers in London and the South East, will soon become available across the country and will cover 99% of towns and cities. From August, the service will allow shoppers to place orders and have them delivered

Tesco takes on Amazon with 1 hour delivery

Amazon really is shaking up the groceries market in the UK and around the world. It has Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh here in the UK that can bring comestibles right to your door. And they've also bought US supermarket Whole Foods. And there was a

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