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By Chris Dawson March 17, 2017 - 9:34 pm

Man actually reads Amazon Kindle Terms & Conditions

I was amused to read that when CHOICE discovered Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions contained over 73,000 words they paid an actor to read them out loud just to prove a point. It took 9 hours. With terms and conditions the size of a decent novel,

Judge Rinder: Are your T’s and C’s in order?

I'm not a regular watcher of Judge Rinder, the UK's answer to Judge Judy, but oh what fun he is, especially when he gets his hands on a juicy eBay case as he did on Friday. The back story is that a buyer made a purchase

Parcelforce unexpected Termination of Contract

We've heard from a Parcelforce customer who out of the blue received a letter from their account manager stating that their parcels are unsuitable for the network, that their account will be closed permanently and the contract terminated. This is a strange one as they've been

eBay, is it time to take responsibility for illegal seller terms?

Jane Bell, one of the top eBay Education Specialists who provides consultancy to a host of eBay businesses has been a staunch friend of TameBay since the site was launched. Today she talks about her frustrations with seller terms and conditions. I've blogged previously on the

DOTD Watch : why set terms that put your buyers off?

[caption id="attachment_13415" align="alignleft" width="109" caption="Click to embiggen"][/caption]Well, another day, another deal of the day with a questionable returns policy.

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