By Dan Wilson September 26, 2018 - 4:07 pm

eBay Managed Payments have arrived without PayPal. Goes global in 2019. #tamebaytv

In this week's video, the big topic of conversation is eBay Managed Payments. This week saw the first payment being made on eBay in the USA. Merchants out side of the United States won't be able to opt-in until next year and PayPal won't be

How will an ‘Amazon tax’ impact SME merchants? #TamebayTV [video]

We're still considering the various possible ramifications of the mooted online sales tax or Amazon Tax. Welcome to the latest video from #TamebayTV: one of our weekly YouTube updates and this week we look at a variety of stories including the latest announcements and news

eBay glitches, good weather and stacks of Amazon news [Video] #tamebaytv

Welcome to the latest video from TamebayTV, one of our weekly YouTube updates and this week we look at a variety of stories ranging from eBay and Amazon to Gameseek as well as reminding you about our current ongoing surveys where you have a chance

Amazon Australia, eBay contact details in listings and Brexit. #tamebayTV

Welcome back to our weekly video news round-ups for Tamebay TV where we precis the biggest stories when it comes to ecommerce, marketplace selling and online SMEs with a quick turn on YouTube. And, needless to say, there has been a great deal going on

Check out our full ‘How to Sell on eBay’ video course on YouTube. #TamebayTV

Over the past ten weeks, we've been sharing our 'How to Sell on eBay' video course. You can find it on our #TamebayTV YouTube channel. The videos tend to clock in around at about 3 minutes each, so they are an ideal accompaniment to

eBay and Amazon VAT investigations, eBay contact details and Devin Wenig #tamebayTV

Tamebay editor Dan Wilson looks this week at eBay and Amazon’s appearance before the House of Commons Public Accounts committee, eBay’s ongoing crack down on sharing contact details. The latest on the CWU ballot for strike action against Royal Mail and eBay item specifics. Here are the

How to sell on eBay: eBay product identifiers #tamebayTV

This week we come to the end of our series of ten 'How to sell on eBay 'videos on #tamebayTV. This week we consider eBay product identifiers. These are the EANs and GTINs that help eBay and Google catalogue the goods you have to sell.

How to sell on eBay: eBay defects #tamebayTV

As we wrote earlier in the week, the importance of eBay feedback has diminished over the years. But the rise of the eBay defects system, with relation to seller prominence in search, has increased. But what are eBay defects? That's what our latest video explores.

How to sell on eBay: optimising sales on mobile devices #tamebayTV

In this How to Sell on eBay video from #TamebayTV we look at optimising your listings for mobile users. It's increasingly vital that mobile and tablet shoppers can get the most from your listings. Images and pictures really count for more than your written descriptions

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