By Chris Dawson November 29, 2019 - 10:30 am

Sustainability in ecommerce: what’s the future for online retailers?

This is a guest post by Eddie Latham, Co-founder and Director of Velocity Commerce, discussing sustainability in ecommerce, particularly focusing on packaging and deliveries but also how the product itself or the way you sell and bundle products can reduce your impact on the environment: This

Bol curates 6,500 ecologically friendly gifts

Bol, the largest marketplace in the Netherlands, has launched a curated sustainable assortment of products in time for the Black Friday and Christmas season. Whilst it's a relatively small selection of 6,500 products today, the aim is to grow it in the future but not

‘It’s time to do more:’ Zalando CEO on sustainability

Zalando have embarked upon a new sustainability strategy called "do.MORE" aimed at placing the people and the planet at the centre of their operations to address climate change anxiety, shaking up the corporate models and consumer mindsets. "It's time to do more," is the new business

Tmall spotlights sustainability as an in-demand selling point

Tmall Trend Center, the B2C site’s fashion trend-forecasting arm, are bringing predictive science to the art of trading to give sellers insights on the demands of Chinese consumers. In a new report generated by Alibaba’s artificial-intelligence algorithms and qualitative research from partner firms Promostyl and Youthology,

DHL set out on ‘environmentally-friendly provider’ journey with new ‘green’ vans

DHL are setting out on "the most environmentally-friendly provider" journey with ten new electric courier vans to reduce the environmental footprint as a delivery supplier. The move will see the DHL's new vans operating in London and joining their UK fleet as part of their sustainability-focused

How Zalando enlist the customer to make deliveries sustainable

The wishes of Danes for a more sustainable delivery is something Zalando took into consideration with their pick up and drop-off pilot, launched in July that sees community members, known as “Din Nabo” (or, “your neighbour), become service points for packages. This week is seeing retail

eBay show green colours with accelerated sustainability drive

eBay are accelerating their drive towards a sustainable business model with a planned launch of their two 'green' campuses. Last week saw Amazon 'showing their colours' with an announcement of their new eco-friendly initiatives ahead of the Global Climate Stike. Amazon revealed their four-pronged sustainable pledges

Order placed for 100k Amazon Electric Delivery Vans

100,000 Amazon electric delivery vans will start to hit the roads from 2021. They are coming from Rivian, an electric vehicle startup that took a $700 million investment from the Amazon. This is the largest order ever of electric delivery vehicles. With the first vans starting

Amazon Climate Pledge to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early

Over 1,000 Amazon employees pledged to walk out of work this week on Friday in support of youths calling for a Global Climate Strike. Amazon have already taken notice announced the Amazon Climate Pledge to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early. Amazon co-founded The