By Dan Wilson January 26, 2014 - 11:58 pm has ceased trading

We received news last week that has ceased trading. Part of Recoverex Ltd., Stockshifters was a wholesale marketplace where ecommerce sellers could buy stock online. According to the website, in November 2013 they had over 125,000 unique buyers, over 500 Sellers, 3,200 sales

The dirty secret of online retail

Helen is the CEO of Recoverex, the company that owns StockShifters and The Wholesale Forums. She's in the business of helping companies dispose of excess stock and time and time again sees companies that would rather hang on to stock that's never going to sell

What is the best place to sell online?

Helen Parker CEO of the bulk wholesale and clearance marketplace Stockshifters has been looking at all the routes to market for selling stock to consumers. Today she is sharing her findings based on where their 100,000 customers see the most success in selling their stock at

The Wholesale Forums merge with Stockshifters

The Wholesale Forums and Stockshifters have merged and at the same time acquired TIC Trade to to create Europe's largest online wholesale trading community. The companies In 2011, Stockshifters successfully cleared over £11m of stock for its sellers and expects this to more than double in 2012

Management buyout at Stockshifters surplus auctions

Stockshifters, the liquidations, clearance stock and surplus auction company have just had a management buy out and the Stockshifters platform will now be operated by a new company Recoverex Ltd, which has been created and backed by the E-trader management team. Stockshifters first went live in

eBay appoints European General Manager of Fashion

Following the news that eBay UK is outperforming not only, but also ecommerce growth in general with Fashion being by far the best performing category, eBay have announced that retail apparel veteran Miriam Lahage, is moving from a North America role at eBay to

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