By Sasha Fedorenko September 20, 2019 - 10:27 am

Starbucks tap Tmall Genie to deliver hands-free experience

Starbucks are tapping into Alibaba's voice-speaker, Tmall Genie in an attempt to deliver a hands-free experience as time-poor shoppers are craving convenience across all touchpoints of customer experience. The move by an American coffeehouse chain will serve as a gateway to Chinese consumers with a new

HMRC can only collect tax due under the law

MP Chris White today led the debate on multinational companies and UK corporation tax in the House of Commons. MPs from all parties called for reform to ensure that companies who operate within the UK pay the tax due. For once there was some sensible conclusions,

Amazon and Google to face more MP questions

"HMRC has an exemplary record in relentlessly challenging those who avoid tax. We have recovered £34bn in additional revenues from large businesses in the last seven years". - Jim Harra, HMRC's director-general for business tax's response after High Court action where HMRC admitted errors with Goldman

Amazon tax petition heading to Downing Street

A petition is due to be delivered to Downing Street by independent bookshop owners Frances and Keith Smith, who run Kenilworth and Warwick bookshops. The petition calls on Amazon to "pay their fair share of tax in the UK" saying "The unfair advantage that your tax

Amazon reveals UK sales figures for 1st time

Earlier this month, Amazon, Google and Starbucks were questioned by British Members of Parliament at a Select Committee regarding their UK tax affairs. After attending the Public Accounts Committee, all three companies have given additional written evidence. In Amazon's case this includes a basic breakdown

Amazon, Starbucks & Google tax responses

As expected Amazon, Starbucks and Google were quizzed by MPs today at the Commons Select Committee meeting. Max Brittin of Google openly admitted that being based in Ireland was because of the low Irish 12.5% Corporation tax compared to the UK rate of 24%. Starbucks have

Amazon, Starbucks and Google questioned by MPs over tax

What do Amazon, Starbucks and Google all have in common? They don't pay much tax in the UK and all three will be appearing before a Commons Select Committee on Monday 12th November. At 3.15pm Andrew Cecil, Amazon's Director of Public Policy; Troy Alstead, Starbucks Global

Starbucks choose Square for mobile payments

Starbucks has chosen Square as its mobile payments partner in the United States. From the autumn, customers at Starbuck's 7000 US outlets will be able to use the mobile start-up's service. Many commentators have noted that this move is a real blow for PayPal and