By Chris Dawson January 27, 2020 - 9:00 am

Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips – Tejas Dave

In the latest instalment of our 2020 Back to Work Tips series, Tejas Dave of Avasam discusses how to expand your business by adding new lines and suppliers via dropshipping. This enables you to grow your sales and experiment with new product lines before you

B-Stock launches Best Buy liquidation auctions in the US

You'll be familiar with B-Stock. They are a source of stock that we know lots of Tamebay readers value. They liquidate millions of pounds worth of stuff every year and are a market leader. Check them out if you're looking for something to sell on

Meet the company: Discount Wholesale

One of the most frequent questions we get asked from new sellers is "Where can I buy my stock from?". It's often a difficult question to answer if the prospective seller has a particular product set in mind, but if you're open to selling a

Shipping Acronyms and what they mean for importers

When you're buying from overseas, especially from China, you might get a quote for your product followed by an innocent looking acronym such as FOB. Do you know what this actually means as it could be the precursor to a large bill if you don't

Sourcing new products with Matt & Dave 9/2/16

Tomorrow, the 9th February, Matt and Dave the founders of UnderstandingE are holding a session on product sourcing. One of the most common questions we're asked at Tamebay is what stock should I be selling - how do I find out what to sell? This session

ProfitSourcery expands to US Amazon sellers

Profit Sourcery, which launched in the UK in April 2015 is now available in the USA. Since they set up in the UK, ProfitSourcery has attracted an established user base making money through and received a lot of interest from Amazon sellers in the US

ProfitSourcery increases margin proposition

Profit Sourcery, the online arbitrage software that scans millions of retail products a month to find those that can be sold on Amazon at a profit, have made some updates to their service.. Ed Brooks, ProfitSourcery CEO, told us “Thanks to all of our customers

Top ProfitSourcery opportunities the last month

Profit Sourcery is a UK market intelligence tool for Amazon sellers. They discover products which can be purchased from well-known UK based online retailers and sold on Amazon for a profit after fees. This month ProfitSourcery has launched three new price plans, two of which focus

ProfitSourcery now offering Top 1% products and lower fees

Profit Sourcery is an online arbitrage tool that scans millions of retail products each month to find those that can be profitably resold on Amazon. They've been working on their platform and are now offering product sourcing opportunities from the ‘Top 1% Sales Rank’ exclusively

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