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By Chris Dawson July 29, 2021 - 10:15 am

Social Commerce in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

Hassan Mikail, head of Shipa Ecommerce, has over 20 years combined experience in the digital, marketing & global partnerships. He has spent the last 11 years building scalable technology systems for businesses that are both consumer facing and merchant friendly, with a key focus on

First ever Pinterest insights into audience

For the first time ever, Pinterest has released new research to shine a light on its audience to help marketers navigate the post-pandemic world. You'll want to read their report for the first Pinterest insights from the platform itself. As we ease out of lockdown, there's

TikTok Shopping increases 553% during pandemic

New research from Bazaarvoice’s Influenster community reveals that TikTok shopping has grown exponentially in popularity during the pandemic, with a 553% increase in the last 12 months - almost three times the growth of shopping on Instagram (189%) and Facebook (160%). TikTok Shopping vs other Social

eBay Traffic Month: How to attract traffic from social channels

eBay research reveals that 98% of digital consumers are also social media users, 74% of people trust social media to guide their purchasing decisions, and 55% of all buyers actively do research on social networks. With nearly 13M followers, eBay's social channels give them extraordinary

Allegro Gadane: social media site launched for buyers and sellers

Allegro have just launched their very own social media website and it's not conventional. Thankfully this won't be a place for obnoxious opinions you don't really care about, instead, Allegro Gadane is a social platform where buyers and sellers can exchange more helpful opinions and

Number of UK businesses selling on social media to double in the next six months

The number of UK businesses selling on social media sites and apps is predicted to double in the next six months according to new research from PayPal. British shoppers will be able to shop on the social media channels of a further 600,000 UK businesses,

Changing shopping habits see UK embrace mobile and social media

Social media has a bigger influence on shopping habits, choices and decisions more than at any other time, according to Royal Mail’s UK Delivery Matters 2019 report. Almost a quarter of social media shoppers have bought items after seeing posts or comments on social channels.

Bridging the mistrust gap: How to future-proof your brand despite social media influencer scrutiny

Social media influencers have become increasingly popular in advocating for brands' 'best self' image, creating an idealised reality behind businesses' values, philosophy and vision. "Social commerce can work for almost every merchant, but certain products have a propensity to perform better than others. The ethos of

Boosting value for money with social commerce

Social commerce has developed into a considerable sales avenue for ecommerce. The last two decades saw social networks shifting from being passive revenue streams to active channels for making sales. With the definition of personal and social interactions blurring, merchants can directly market to shoppers

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