By Chris Dawson February 1, 2017 - 6:10 pm

eBay ‘Good til Cancelled’ bug is ending listings

eBay have a technical issue that appears to be ending 'Good til Cancelled' listings. Readers are reporting that listings are not automatically relisting after 30 days and emails from eBay say the cancelled listings have ended and failed to renew due to one or more

Amazon undercharged for four months and will send new bills for the balance

We've seen a copy of an email from Amazon suggesting that between 8th of September 2016 and the 11th of January 2017 the wrong fees were charged for items sold in the Electronics Accessories Categories. Amazon's Seller Referral Fees for that category should be 12%,

Do marketplaces do enough to recompense sellers when there’s a glitch?

On Tuesday evening, we think for about an hour, Amazon UK experienced a glitch that meant that shoppers couldn't check out and buy. Both Chris and I tried to buy items (on mobile and laptop) and we received an error message. You can read about

Amazon error prevents buyers completing purchases

Amazon appear to be having problems on both desktop and mobile version of their site. Buyers are unable to complete purchases. It doesn't matter if you try to do a One-Click purchase, or if you add items to your Amazon basket and then try to proceed

Amazon EU marks UK Bank Holiday shipments late

I was listening with some sympathy to a friend who works for a French ecommerce company. With Christmas falling on a weekend she was bemoaning the fact that the French are back to work the next day and they don't have a string of Bank

eBay France free listing SNAFU

The year hadn't even started before the guys at eBay France ran into trouble. eBay are running a promotion for French private sellers giving unlimited free insertion fees for all fixed price and auction format listings (of any duration). The promotion runs from the 1st

PayPal working to correct refund glitch

PayPal are working to finally correct all of the refund errors that arose from three week glitch which occurred at the end of October through to the beginning of November. In an email they say: "We want to let you know we experienced a technical issue

I hate when no one wins the Amazon Buy Box!

As Christmas approaches I'm finding it increasingly frustrating shopping on Amazon when no one wins the Buy Box. Having paid for an Amazon Prime membership, I tend to instantly click the Amazon Prime option to limit my search to items that can be delivered for free,

PayPal transaction history vanishes in site bug

It would appear that PayPal servers are having a wobble this evening, whilst the service appears to be up and running, if you're looking for your transaction history it's probably not there. I've checked both on the PayPal website on my laptop and the PayPal app