By Chris Dawson September 7, 2017 - 3:03 pm

Beware of Royal Mail £25 “mistake” surcharges

We've heard from an online seller who fell foul of Royal Mail levying charges for mistakes with their posting. At £25 per mistake the penalties were racking up and it appears misinformation was the culprit. Having been hit with a couple of dozen surcharges in a

Problems accessing eBay have been reported today

eBay users on Facebook are reporting issues accessing certain aspects of the eBay site inclduing My eBay and the Seller Hub. As you can see from the Down Detector grab below, there have been problems since just before 1pm today and seem have experienced several peaks.

eBay Best Offer Auto Accept & Decline Price change

I remember a time before Best offer on eBay, then it came to the US site and eventually the UK. Not all sellers use Best offer, but for those that do it is a tremendous facility and is a stand out feature for eBay that

Etsy sizing issue still ongoing after five months

Sellers on Etsy have been going nuts for five months over a size display issue for items such as t-shirts. They should be the simplest thing in the world to list but the glitch keeps displaying spurious text. The display to buyers has been ending up

Even the UK Country Manager can’t stop his kids ordering stuff on Amazon

I saw two stories over the weekend about the dangers of giving unfettered access to your Amazon account to your children. The good thing about Amazon is how easy they make it to order things but the downside is that they now have so many

Royal Mail don’t like a French Accent

There can be few things more frustrating than automating your business just for the automation to promptly fail. That's what keeps happening to one online retailer when they import their CSV file into Royal Mail's DMO. The DMO import process wants to see either an alphanumeric

eBay £2.50 Gallery charge glitch still not fixed

The eBay Gallery Fees glitch is still causing problems for sellers, charging £2.50 per listing, which to give them their due, eBay customer service appear to be refunding promptly once they're notified of the issue on individual accounts. However one seller tells us that having had

Amazon struggle to spot the difference between a charm and a rabbit

Amazon appear to have gotten a little overzealous in policing marketplace listings on their site. A seller has recently shared a saga where his listings were ended for supposedky selling animal fur: "The sale of real animal fur, whether from farmed or wild animals, is prohibited

Cautionary tale: Using money transfer service got Amazon account suspended

A Tamebay reader shared the story of how they got their accounts suspended simply for trying to save on their currency exchanges. They told us that Western Union approached them about using them to receive and convert Amazon payments. The hook was a better rate than

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