By Chris Dawson June 4, 2020 - 6:50 pm

Hermes technical issue scrambles barcodes on labels

A recent Hermes technical issue resulted in barcodes on labels not generating correctly. They say that this occurred to a very small number of parcel labels printed between 2pm on Friday 29th May and 10am on Monday 1st June. As a result, there may be

eBay DNS errors hit UK around midday

Around midday today there were a number of complaints that eBay could not be accessed due to eBay DNS errors. @AskeBay @eBay_UK @eBay @unsuckEBAY @ebaytech - eBay has crashed. DNS error outage at 12:28pm UK time!FFS!! When is eBay EVER going to work properly?— Andy

eBay Jeans Sizes Review after eBay final update on 15th October SNAFU

With eBay having announced that the majority of issues caused by the 15th October item specifics and classification changes have been resolved, we are once again taking at look at eBay Jeans sizes to assess the state of listings. Whilst we are focusing on Jeans

eBay UK Final status update and details on 15 October item specifics and classification changes

eBay UK have published a final status update and details on the 15 October Item Specifics and classification changes. This follows a similar announcement from and comes with the promise that eBay will never again roll out category changes and item specifics requirements simultaneously

15 October category and item specifics final update as work to fix continues

eBay have posted an official announcement board post on wrapping up their final steps to correct the 15 October category and item specifics update that went wrong. They have confirmed what Harry Temkin said that eBay will never again roll out new aspects and

Harry Temkin on eBay 15th October Item Specifics SNAFU

Kathy Terrill of I Love To Be Selling caught up with Harry Tempkin, VP of Seller Engagement, eBay at the recent eBay Up Front New York event. She grilled him on the recent disastrous roll out of eBay Item Specifics on the 15th of October

15th October eBay Item Specifics roll out SNAFU three weeks on

On Friday, eBay UK published a progress update on the 15th October eBay Item Specifics roll out that didn't go according to plan. Whilst it doesn't particularly matter from a buyer perspective if there are duplicate Item Specifics (e.g. 'Inseam' and 'Inside Leg'), what is crucial

eBay UK Progress update on 15th October Item Specifics roll out

eBay UK have published a progress update regarding the category and Item Specific changes that went awry on the 15th of October as the new mandates came in. They have also said that Seller Hub is fixed and should now be displaying the sales data. "We

Samsung patch Qualcomm ultrasonic in-screen finger print sensor

This week Samsung rushed out a finger print security patch after Lisa Neilson, a mum from Castleford, West Yorkshire in the UK discovered that anyone could unlock her new Samsung S10 smartphone. It was first revealed in The Sun newspaper. Lisa, thrilled with her new phone

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