By Chris Dawson May 14, 2017 - 10:00 pm

Cautionary tale: Using money transfer service got Amazon account suspended

A Tamebay reader shared the story of how they got their accounts suspended simply for trying to save on their currency exchanges. They told us that Western Union approached them about using them to receive and convert Amazon payments. The hook was a better rate than

Is your customer service as good as Amazon’s

It's been a long time since Amazon screwed up an order, but they managed to make a minor error this week on an Amazon Pantry order. I should really have spotted the error myself - 750ml bottle of Dettol Surface Cleanser, pack of 3 for £1.50

NatWest Bank Holiday weekend bank transfer fiasco

NatWest had a slow down on payments just as the Bank Holiday weekend got under way as (as it always appears to be) just as people were expecting to see their monthly pay appear in their bank accounts. Money was being transferred, at least it was

eBay mobile friendly listing checker glitch

eBay consultant and specialist Jane Bell has a warning for anyone about to use eBay's new Mobile Friendly Checker on the eBay listing page.... Don't do it! There appears to be a glitch and whilst we applaud eBay's efforts to make life easy for sellers, the

Are eBay having tech glitches this Sunday?

[Edited to add 12:45] Update, eBay tell us that the glitches are fixed and the site should be returning to normal. We're getting reports that some eBay users can't access the eBay home page, can't place bids, and can't get into the Seller pages on the

Seller gets £26k bill from Amazon for fees they failed to charge in 2016

Welcome back from paternity leave, you owe us twenty six thousand quid! That's the message that greeted one Amazon merchant. At just under £26k this the biggest outstanding debt we've heard of that Amazon are looking to bill, following their four month billing debacle. The back story

Lessons from Amazon marketing: The importance of good images

One of's tweets this weekend got the twitter sphere buzzing as users found an interesting image of a mystery object in their twitter feed. New Deals, Every Day! Check out today's deals.— Amazon (@amazon) April 8, 2017 Looking suspiciously like a sex toy,

Amazon store takeovers devastating for affected sellers’ businesses

It appears that hackers have hijacked a small number of Amazon accounts in an attempt to get off-Amazon sales. However for any seller who's account is compromised it's a world of pain. What appears to be happening is that as soon as an account is compromised,

Seller gets unexpected £12k bill because Amazon undercharged on fees

In January we reported that Amazon had undercharged sellers in the Electronics Accessories Categories and intended to recoup the balance in the near future. It would appear that the bills have started rolling in. Amazon’s Seller Referral Fees for Electronics Accessories should be 12%, but they