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By Chris Dawson October 6, 2019 - 2:14 pm

New Layout for eBay Awaiting Dispatch order page

The one thing that no one wants to do in Q4 - the busiest time of the year running from October to December, is make changes in how their processes work. That's why it's not unreasonable for the eBay world to have exploded last week

eBay Best Offer expiration duration choice live in the UK

Two weeks ago we wrote that buyers were to get a choice on their eBay Best Offer expiration duration. We think it's fantastic but it was said to be under testing with a small group of buyers on in the US before being fully

eBay GTC duration for fixed price listings now mandatory in US

In the latest eBay UK Seller Release, eBay said that they would make the Good 'til Cancelled (eBay GTC) from the 1st of April. eBay Australia had already made the move in what is a worldwide roll out and now it appears that in

eBay Accepts Offers tab added to search results

If you sell on then it's worth being aware that eBay have added an Accepts Offers tab at the top of search results. This sits aside the traditional All Listings, Auctions and Buy It Now tabs that we are accustomed to seeing. The eBay Accepts

eBay release new developer guide for product-based shopping experience

eBay have announced today that a new developer guide (Product-Based Shopping Experience Play Book) for product based shopping experience has been released. The new product-based shopping experience was announced in the Spring Business Seller Update. What is eBay's product based shopping experience? When eBay display groups of

eBay UK Spring Seller Release:
New Shop by Product experience

eBay announced in the latest Seller Release that they are testing a new "Shop by Product" experience for a small number of products. It's essentially what sellers would term a "Buy Box" experience, but with some subtleties that are worth highlighting as, from the examples

eBay Best Offer Auto Accept & Decline Price change

I remember a time before Best offer on eBay, then it came to the US site and eventually the UK. Not all sellers use Best offer, but for those that do it is a tremendous facility and is a stand out feature for eBay that

Etsy reposition search filters to display more listings

Etsy are testing the placement of search filters which they believe will increase the visibility of filtering options on desktop search results pages. If you're in a test group, you'll notice that Etsy have moved existing filters from the left hand side of search results pages

What’s changed since the eBay Paypal divorce?

In July 2015 eBay and Paypal split, I penned a long blog post about the changes I was hoping for. Today I'm looking back to see what has changed, what's the same and what's better or worse then when I wrote the post: Dispatch and Delivery On

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