By Chris Dawson May 28, 2019 - 10:52 am

Shopware 6 built with API First Approach for channel connectivity

Shopware have introduced the next generation of their software. Shopware 6 is built on an entirely new technical platform with an the API First approach and has been developed from scratch allowing the implementation of any conceivable form of ecommerce project. Focussing on maximum freedom through

50 reasons to visit ShipStation at IRX

ShipStation are now fully established in the UK with an office officially opened and staffed, with dedicated Enterprise specialists. ShipStation also provide 24/7 UK customer support for ecommerce merchants. You can meet ShipStation at IRX today and tomorrow. For those that don't know ShipStation, they offer

White Paper: B2B commerce – unlock your digital potential

B2B organisations must take multiple factors into consideration in order to effectively grow online. From selecting the right ecommerce platform to adapting existing processes, embracing digital transformation impacts nearly every aspect of your business. This whitepaper 'B2B commerce – unlock your digital potential' from Shopware is

Shopware 5.5: New version released

Shopware have released the latest version of their ecommerce system, Shopware 5.5, which is available for immediate download. Coinciding with this release, Shopware also made an updated version of the B2B Suite available, positioning the shop system manufacturer even more strongly in the B2B segment. Shopware

Shopware London Office to open in the UK

Firmly establishing the UK as one of the most important European economies and despite Brexit looming, Shopware is strengthening its UK business with the opening of a dedicated London office. Having enabled more than £5bn in gross ecommerce volume, Shopware is the largest ecommerce platform operating

UKFast offers Shopware hosting package

Hosting company UKFast is now integrated with Shopware are offering optimised webhost for ecommerce merchants. Shopware is a German based open source ecommerce platform used by over 60,000 businesses including some of the biggest European brands, retailers and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries. Shopware

Shopware version 5.4 released: More clarity, even better performance

Shopware have made their most recent release, version 5.4, available to the public for download. Shopware 5.4 offers a range of new features for shop owners, developers and agencies alike. Following requests from the community, this release focuses on extending the variant functions to improve capabilities

Meet the company: Shopware ‘Where are they now?’

When it comes to selecting an ecommerce platform, making the right decision involves a strenuous evaluation process. The choice between different ecommerce platforms is vast and defining the operational area is not always so straightforward. Many platforms fail to meet the bar set by today’s

Your ecommerce platform is a ticking time bomb – Learn why and how to solve the problem

Shopware has launched a new ebook. As they say of the content: "If you are operating your online shop using Magento 1, your time is running out. In about one year you might face a challenging situation. If you’re operating on another platform you might not

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