By Lauren Fruncillo March 14, 2021 - 12:02 pm

Shopify achieves Direct Air Capture carbon removal milestone

Many ecommerce giants have been boasting their sustainability achievements as of late but Shopify recently announced that they have purchased more Direct Air Capture carbon removal than any other company in history. This milestone comes with their agreement to purchase 10,000 tonnes of removal from

Shopify introduce Shop Pay to Facebook and Instagram

Shopify have recently announced the expansion of shop pay to all Shopify merchants selling on Facebook and Instagram. This means merchants selling on the social media platforms will have the secure payment option as well as access to order tracking and carbon offsets from their

Shopify expands Technovation partnership

Shopify has recently expanded their partnership with Technovation, a global tech education non-profit. The partnership aims to build upon their already strong relationship in Canada to foster a new generation of women in technology and entrepreneurship across the US, Ireland, Germany, and Brazil. Technovation helps a

$5.1+ Billion in Shopify sales this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Shopify have shared their Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend results and have had sales of $5.1+ billion from over one million global brands. Shopify recently announced their record breaking Black Friday but with the added results of Cyber Monday we can see just how successful

Shopify sales reach $2.4 billion in record breaking Black Friday

Shopify have announced that this year they have had a record breaking Black Friday with sales of $2.4 billion from the independent and direct-to-consumer brands on the platform worldwide. According to Shopify from the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of

Shopify announces new Alipay partnership

Shopify have announced a new Alipay partnership which will help merchants unlock the power of cross-border commerce. The new payment gateway will allow Shopify merchants to seamlessly accept payments through Alipay from more than one billion annual active users in China alone — and, in

Shopify Digital Down Under program helps small businesses in Victoria

A new government program called Digital Down Under has launched for Shopify small businesses who are in the Australian state of Victoria. Shopify’s participation in the Program, a $20 million initiative by the Victoria State Government has been introduced to help the small businesses which

Shopify Merchants can now offer Subscription options to consumers

Shopify have released subscription and post-purchase upsell apps that are fully integrated with Shopify Checkout to help merchants deliver the best shopping experience for their customers. Merchants were technically able to offer subscriptions and post-purchase upsells using apps that aren’t fully integrated with the platform

Shopify & TikTok commerce partnership

When you bring Shopify & TikTok together you get one of the premier ecommerce platforms partnering with the fastest growing social media platform and what could be an exciting new channel for merchants. Connecting with your customers where they spend their time is the name

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