By Chris Dawson July 7, 2020 - 12:19 pm

OnBuy integrations for your website order & inventory management

If the reason you're not selling on OnBuy is lack of integrations then today they address your concerns with the announcement of six new OnBuy integrations to make selling on OnBuy easy. OnBuy's mantra is to ensure that your selling experience is as seamless and rewarding

Shopify remove barriers by partnering with Indigenous-led organizations

Shopify are removing the barriers that limit Indigenous entrepreneurs from being able to start a business and have a voice by creating a partnership with Indigenous-led organizations in Turtle Island (Canada) and Aotearoa (New Zealand), including Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, EntrepreNorth, Te Whare Hukahuka, and

Walmart partners with Shopify to help grow it’s online marketplace

Bloomberg has today reported that Walmart is partnering with Shopify in hopes to grow its third party online marketplace which was first established in 2009. The growth of their online marketplace has been a top priority and since COVID-19 many businesses have had to think

New ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition available in the US

There is a new ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition available for US merchants which connects with the three most popular platforms marketplace merchants use - eBay, Amazon and Shopify. ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition helps you: Manage inventory levels across multiple channels to avoid overselling Seamlessly integrates inventory, order management, and shipping

Shopify Release 2019 Sustainability & Economic Impact Reports

Shopify have released their updated Economic Impact and 2019 Sustainability Reports which show just how valuable the millions of independent business owners are to the global economy. Below are the key findings from both reports provided by Shopify that will inform future or current Shopify

Shopify announce updates and new products at Reunite event

Shopify's Reunite event took place today and gave attendees an exclusive look into the latest updates and new products Shopify are creating for the future of merchants and their businesses. With the future of ecommerce shifting, omnichannel commerce and new adaptable services are needed more than

Contactless payments hardware launched for Canadian retailers using Shopify POS

Shopify have introduced their contactless payments hardware to Canadian retailers using Shopify POS a service currently free to users until 31st of October. The Tap & Chip Card Reader payments hardware device is efficient and uses the “tap” payment options like credit and debit cards, Apple

Shopify announce Reunite livestream

Shopify have announced that they will be holding their first ever livestream event for Shopify merchants. Playing on the name of their in-person event 'Unite' the upcoming livestream titled 'Reunite' will provide key insights into the future of commerce and include announcements on what they

Shopify and Pinterest launch new channel for US and Canadian merchants

Pinterest has just launched a new channel on Shopify that allows merchants to target the platform’s 350M+ monthly users. The new channel will provide somewhere for merchants to be discovered by allowing them to promote themselves, make sales and help shoppers find their products. Pinterest

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