By Lauren Fruncillo December 5, 2019 - 2:00 pm

$4.5M raised by Postscript to support Shopify SMS marketing

Postscript has raised a magnificent $4.5 Million to push SMS connectivity between Shopify shops and consumers in a funding round led by Accomplice Tech Crunch reports. Postscript a feature that hopes to become the Mailchimp for SMS has been built to help ecommerce businesses connect

Shopify and Microsoft Advertising team up to ‘help merchants sell more’

Shopify and Microsoft Advertising have teamed up to allow merchants to set up, optimise, and track the results of their campaigns alongside their store management dashboard in Shopify. Sellers also have the flexibility to set a daily budget based on seasonality and their goals. The move

Shopify to step up fulfilment with acquisition of warehouse automation player

A Canadian multi-channel commerce firm, Shopify are set to beef up their fulfilment network with a scheduled acquisition of a warehouse automation solution, 6 River Systems, Inc. In June, the platfrom introduced the Shopify Fulfillment Network, a powerful and trusted fulfilment network that will ensure timely

Shopify update their global network to accelerate shopping experience

Shopify have updated their global network in a bid to reduce the time it takes for a customer to load merchants' online store, making it 39% faster to access them. To date, Shopify tracked the most notable improvements in international markets like Australia, Japan, India and Singapore. "We’ve

Shopify Chat to help merchants step up shopping service

Shopify have announced the launch of Shopify Chat, a native chat function that allows merchants to have real-time conversations with shoppers, taking customer-seller relationship onto a next step. Last year saw Shopify launching Shopify Ping, a mobile app that centralises all customer conversations along with automated

Shopify Fulfillment Network to compete with Amazon FBA

Shopify are launching the Shopify Fulfillment Network and investing $1 billion to build out their shipping and storage capabilities. This will in some ways directly compete with Amazon FBA but will largely be used for merchants selling through their Shopify webstore whereas FBA is still

Shopify 1000 variation limit per day

Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify all come advertised as supporting 'Unlimited Products', but what's less known is that there are some limits. Users have discovered a Shopify 1000 variation limit per day, which is restricting some from uploading their entire available inventory. These limits

Internet Retailing Expo 2019: Which workshops I’m keen to attend at IRX 2019

Today at Internet Retailing Expo 2019 I'm keen to attend workshops designed to provide merchants a hands-on, training-focused sessions delivered by leading companies in the industry. I'll get a chance to explore the latest innovations and their functionalities aimed at improving customer service. Across the

Shopify shares some Black Friday stats

The Canadian based ecommerce platform Shopify has reported some interesting figures related to the performance of its merchants on Black Friday. The aggregated sales information shows some notable trends. But they readily admit that not too much significance should be applied to this information: This year

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