By Sasha Fedorenko June 14, 2019 - 2:48 pm

PayPal Canada new solution to save up to 75% on shipping costs

PayPal Canada and netParcel have announced the launch of a new shipping solution which promises merchants to save up to 75% on shipping discounts in domestic and international markets. Sellers can register here for the new service. What does it offer? Management of all sellers' PayPal transactions start to hide unattractive shipping options

eBay have announced that on their US sites they will start to hide unattractive shipping options to buyers on the view item page and at checkout. "Until recently, shipping options outlined for the buyer did not always promote the best value. eBay will now only show

Amazon shipping charges glitch displays wrong carriage cost

There has been an Amazon shipping charges glitch where the wrong shipping prices has been displayed to buyers. On the plus side buyers have been charged the correct amount but some are noticing that shipping charges increased from the product detail page when they got

Look to marketplaces for a masterclass in shipping

Today, Georges Berzgal, vice president and managing director EMEA global ecommerce at global technology company Pitney Bowes takes a look at marketplaces and lessons we can learn from their masterclass in shipping. In thirteen of the world’s major markets, 2,300 parcels were shipped every second in

How to save money on shipping costs

I recently purchased two nearly identical products on Amazon. One arrived in a large letter format and the other arrived in a small packet sized box. The cost for shipping would have been very different, although in this instance they were both supplied through Amazon

Merchants can save up to 40% with UPS shipping discounts

UPS have launched 'Shipping with Simplicity' initiative that sees merchants saving up to 40% on shipping discounts this Christmas season. The supplier say that merchants can now enjoy a limited offer of lower prices on each shipment by using a promo code EASY to take advantage of

UPS shipping rates rise in a bid to support their offering

UPS shipping rates will increase on selected service in a bid to support their offering, announced the supplier this week. The supplier is aiming to make these changes come in effect on 26th December 2018 to see UPS Air and International services, as well as UPS Air Freight rates

Etsy declares war on high shipping charges

If you sell on Etsy then it's important to realised that the marketplace has declared war on shipping charges and would prefer most product to carry free shipping. In their latest earnings call, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman discussed the state of shipping charges on Etsy

How to make better shipping choices by measuring performance

It's well worth remembering that one of the most crucial and time-consuming activities every ecommerce merchant faces each and every day is shipping. And that's why we have partnered with Parcelhub to examine the factors you should be measuring in your carrier operations in our

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