By Chris Dawson March 2, 2021 - 8:56 am

Amazon Pricing to win the Buy Box and maintain margin

If you are constantly fighting an ever less profitable battle with your Amazon pricing strategy as you attempt to win or maintain visibility in the Buy Box, then this guest post from Tali Amar at SellerSnap is essential reading. Tali reveals what goes on behind

Seller Snap

Seller Snap offers a fully automated, AI-powered Game Theory Amazon Repricer and Analytics Tool. Our AI Algorithmic Repricer will apply the optimum strategy for each individual listing to maximize profit while avoiding price wars. Seller Snap designed an algorithm to think like a real Amazon

Ethical Amazon Selling: How to Avoid Price Gouging

There have been many complaints in the press regarding price gouging on marketplaces, many times justified but in some cases during the Coronavirus crisis prices have risen simply because the cost of goods and transport has risen. In this guest post from SellerSnap we discuss

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