By Chris Dawson July 7, 2021 - 12:50 pm

Cath Kidston SellersFunding £5 million credit line

When we talk about funding services for marketplace businesses, we all too often make the assumption that they only serve businesses looking for a relatively modest credit line. Looking for £5,000, £10,000, £50,000 or even £100,000 and the modern fintech companies are there to help

Tamebay Live 3:40pm today: Financing your Global Business

Access to working capital and fast payment solutions are critical for any scaling business, especially when selling internationally. Join Leonardo Felisberto of SellersFunding to discover best practices for financing your business. If you've not yet registered for the Tamebay Live week of masterclasses and workshops then

Expanding Cross Border – Reasons to attend Tamebay Live #4

There's no denying that it's been a tough year for cross border sales with Brexit, the pandemic, the Suez Canal delays and a host of other regulatory changes. That's why we're devoting a full day at Tamebay Live focusing on expanding cross border with best

SellersFunding partners with PingPong Global to fund sellers looking to expand into the US

Data-driven alternative lending platform SellersFunding (we interviewed them here) recently partnered with innovative payments facilitator PingPong Global to deliver new solutions to online sellers that enable fast, frictionless cross-border payments. With this partnership, loans offered by SellersFunding will be backed by receivables originated in US

Meet the company – SellersFunding

SellersFunding, recognising that banks haven't been traditionally adept at providing small business finance for online retailers, set out to create a solution to match sellers with funds from financial institutions and to make the whole process seamless. Designed with online merchants in mind, they even have


SellersFunding offers an easy and effective way for businesses to access working capital, providing solutions that allow for greater clarity and flexibility. We rely on the idea that e-commerce is changing the landscape of retail globally as upcoming technologies change the way consumers behave. This continually-evolving

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