By Chris Dawson February 16, 2021 - 12:44 pm

Amazon review manipulation services investigated by Which?

In December 2020, Which? signed up to 10 sites offering Amazon review manipulation services, including free or discounted products in exchange for reviews, or sales campaigns for sellers to boost their positive reviews. Distressingly, but unsurprisingly, Which? found Amazon review manipulation services with: 702,000 product reviewers

Amazon Review the Review comment feature to go

Amazon love user generated content like feedback and reviews, but they are going to ditch the Amazon Review the Review comment feature as of today, Wednesday the 16th of December. The reason given for scrapping the comments feature on reviews is very simply that while reviews

Customer experience insight platform Chattermill raises $8M

Chattermill the platform giving brands a complete insight into their customer experience have just raised $8million in a series A funding round according to TechCrunch. Customer feedback is vital in furthering business and gaining quick insights into what is working and why through the honest

Underhand businesses still tout for fake reviews on Amazon

Amazon removes a ton of fake reviews on Amazon marketplaces, but that still doesn't appear to deter unscrupulous merchants from attempting to buy reviews to boost the popularity and ranking of their products. We've heard from users who are still receiving requests to buy reviews

Amazon one click star rating tests for reviews

Amazon are testing a one click star rating for product reviews which removes the requirement to write a comment. The aim appears to be to collect reviews from the thousands of purchases for which a consumer currently wouldn't bother to review or write about. Reviews are

Amazon amnesty; time to fess up to fake reviews

Third-party sellers, brands, and consumers are all trying to crack the apparent Amazon algorithm of how reviews and promotion can get products exposed. Today as a guest writer for Tamebay, Sophie Light Wilkinson, VP Marketing EMEA, Bazaarvoice, argues that it’s time for Amazon to fess

Duplicate Amazon Variations used for fake reviews

A new Which? report is out which reveals multiple ways dodgy Amazon merchants are using to generate fake reviews which Amazon don't spot and remove. Top of the list is duplicate (usually meaningless) Amazon variations. The report details a number of ways fake reviews are being

Should you respond to a negative review or feedback?

In what will be no surprise to online merchants, the British are a nation of complainers and not averse to making our views known with negative feedback or reviews. One-third of shoppers in the UK have posted a negative review after interacting with a retailer,

Amazon slated for misleading bundled reviews

Amazon were pulled up by the Guardian recently for bundled reviews on products which might seem essentially the same but were in fact quite different. The main thrust of the Guardian article concerned books, both physical print and ebooks for the Kindle. The problem is that

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