By Sasha Fedorenko August 7, 2019 - 2:22 pm

Becoming customer focused rather than channel focused at IRC 2019

The advent of the ecommerce shifted retailers' attention towards balancing two channels responsible for generating sales, sometimes creating the incision of choosing the right funnel to lead their business. In a bid to prioritise a channel that's worth an investment, retailers often forget about keeping

How can physical stores remain competitive in the world of ecommerce?

Due to the new, extended Prime Day retailers are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with customers. For physical stores that have failed to embrace ecommerce, finding ways to cut through the noise can be particularly difficult. Paul Davis, vice president of sales,

How can retailers prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day 2019 has arrived. Tamebay spoke to industry experts to put together some top tips for retailers looking to capitalise on increased demand. John Squire, CEO and co-Founder, DynamicAction While online retail continues to grow, retailers need to completely understand the higher costs of servicing

Aliababa, New Retail, and why China is ahead of the West

In China, Alibaba say that the “either-or” retail equation is being pushed aside in favour of a model, they have called New Retail, melding the best of both the in-shop and online experiences. They say that online sales penetration in China is the highest in the

1/3 of UK shoppers are disappointed by Click & Collect

40% of UK shoppers used Click & Collect in some way over the Christmas 2015 period. But, according to a survey, more than a third (36%) said that it didn't live up to expectations. 31% grumbled that the retailer didn't have a dedicated in-store spot

Top Drawer & Home event for Retail Buyers 13-15/9/15

This Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the biannual Top Drawer exhibition for retail buyers takes place at Olympia. At Top Drawer, you will find the products that will make your store stand out from the rest. The exhibition brings together an inspirational showcase of thousands of carefully

Retailers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus

Online retailers are offering delivery options that shoppers don’t want but not offering the ones they do, according to new research from software company OrderDynamics. A survey of 2,000 consumers on their retail expectations and a retailer benchmark study of more than 60 retailers on the

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