By Chris Dawson July 9, 2017 - 4:19 pm

How to choose a promotions strategy

With so many online retailers using repricing technology, it's sometimes worth stepping back and deciding what you want to achieve from your pricing strategies. The last thing that most retailers want is a race to the bottom on price and there are also a number of

Supermarkets to adopt repricing based on product demand

Supermarkets will scrap paper price tags within five years and replace them with electronic price tags on shelves, at the same time adopting the type of repricing software we've become accustomed to seeing on marketplace. There are two main benefits for retailers - eradicating the time

Repricing on Amazon: An introduction for online sellers: 5/5/17

Find out more about how to successfully use a repricer on Amazon to optimise sales.

RepricerExpress adds new features

RepricerExpress have added a raft of new features designed to make repricing on eBay and Amazon easier than ever. Buy Box Information on Dashboard You can now see detailed information about your Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including what’s: Buy Box eligible A Buy Box winner

CMA Campaign to warn sellers about price-fixing

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched a new campaign to ensure online sellers know that price fixing is illegal. In the build up to ‘Black Friday’, one of the busiest times of the year for online sales, the CMA is using this opportunity to

The long-term impact of automated pricing on Amazon sales

Xsellco have undertaken some interesting research on the longer term impact of repricing on Amazon. Their analysis found that online sellers who automate pricing on Amazon see an increase of 145% in weekly sales over a 30-week period. In a report, they outline four stages of

How the time of day affects the price you pay

Research by electrical comparison website Kagoo has proven buying your TV between 3am and 8am means you’re more likely to find your TV is 8% cheaper than if you bought it later the same day. The early bird catches the best deals, with shoppers saving

Does Amazon change your prices?

There's an interesting thread on the forums, a merchant is claiming that Amazon are changing their selling prices. The seller states that they are a small company, do not use any repricing tools and in particular have not signed up for Amazon's repricer. They say

Amazon repricing slow to process

Amazon appear to be having a few problems with their MWS Subscriptions API and even their own repricing solution. Users are reporting that price notification either aren't coming through or aren't being processed. Changes made by Amazon MWS Subscriptions API are taking sometimes hours to

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