By Chris Dawson May 27, 2021 - 10:30 am

New Automated Pricing Rules for Amazon Business discounts

Amazon have created new automated pricing rules for Business Prices and Quantity Discounts. They say that offering discounted prices to Amazon Business customers can help you receive more orders from this growing customer segment and convince them to purchase in larger quantities. You can create new

Amazon Pricing to win the Buy Box and maintain margin

If you are constantly fighting an ever less profitable battle with your Amazon pricing strategy as you attempt to win or maintain visibility in the Buy Box, then this guest post from Tali Amar at SellerSnap is essential reading. Tali reveals what goes on behind & RepricerExpress merge to create best-in-class repricing solution and RepricerExpress have merged to create what they say is now the biggest and best-in-class repricing solution on the market, just in time for the busiest Q4 in history. In a game-changing move for the repricing sector, xSellco, the makers of, has acquired

Are External Repricers Under Threat from Amazon?

Following on from Amazon’s announcement about it’s new Sold by Amazon program, we spoke to Chris Dunne from RepricerExpress to find out what the repricing industry thinks about the new competition. Sold by Amazon vs RepricerExpress “A new Sold by Amazon program effectively does away with external

Pricing by Performance: It’s time to stop the race to the bottom

Chris from Chris Turton Ecommerce is an ecommerce and marketplace consultant passionate about understanding how online businesses tick. He writes from experience and tries to answer questions from sellers to improve and share his knowledge. Today, Chris shares his experience of pricing by performance to

Gartner predict real-time pricing in store for top retailers

In what will hardly be a surprise for online merchants, Gartner predicts that by 2025, the top 10 global retailers by revenue will leverage contextualised real-time pricing through mobile applications to manage and adjust in-store prices for customers. Real-time pricing is already a key tool

How to create successful pricing strategies to maximise profit on Amazon

This post on successful pricing strategies was penned by Iulia Olteanu, an Amazon Repricing Expert for SellerEngine algorithmic Amazon repricing software. Iulia has been working for SellerEngine for over 5 years in the company’s Amazon Software department before taking over a new position in the

How to choose a promotions strategy

With so many online retailers using repricing technology, it's sometimes worth stepping back and deciding what you want to achieve from your pricing strategies. The last thing that most retailers want is a race to the bottom on price and there are also a number of

Supermarkets to adopt repricing based on product demand

Supermarkets will scrap paper price tags within five years and replace them with electronic price tags on shelves, at the same time adopting the type of repricing software we've become accustomed to seeing on marketplace. There are two main benefits for retailers - eradicating the time

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