By Dan Wilson September 27, 2016 - 1:21 pm

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As you will likely know, declared it would be shutting up shop some months ago. But it looks like there is one last gasp and attempt at reinvention. The marketplace element has already been scrapped but the platform will still be populated by affiliated suppliers,

tamebayTV news round up 17/6/16 Rakuten, PayPal and GS1

Here's another one of our weekly video round-ups. Tips include the fall of Rakuten, Apple Pay and other upcoming events. (If you can't see the video above, you can find it on YouTube here. And to see more video content from Tamebay, check out the tamebayTV

Tamebay Comment: The fall of Rakuten and why we need a third big player

The announcement that Rakuten UK will be closing wasn't a surprise but it did come out of the blue last week. Their new proposition never resonated with sellers and the new branding was bewildering to buyers. What was Rakuten? They didn't answer that question. They also

Rakuten to close in Spain and Austria as well as UK

As we reported earlier this afternoon. Rakuten will be closing its operations in the UK from August. But it looks like there will be a greater reduction of service in Europe with the closure of Rakuten marketplaces in Spain and Austria too. Austrian users will

Rakuten UK marketplace is closing down

In rather surprising news, it seems that Rakuten is closing down its UK operation in August. In an email to partners, Patrick Kelly, UK Marketplace Country Manager writes: "We regret to inform you that following a strategic review of its operations in Europe, Rakuten has

Why you should sign up for Rakuten marketplace today

Rakuten, the revamped platform, has had a new team put in place to support UK retailers wanting to sell on the platform. We know there were significant teething problems when initially launched in the UK, but over the past month we've been talking to

Rakuten launching deliveries to real customers by drone

Rakuten have stolen a march on their western competitors with the announcement of drone deliveries to actual customers, albeit limited to those playing on a golf course where there are no annoying buildings in the way and a limited number of pedestrians and vehicles. From the

Seller Dynamics expansion focus on Rakuten

Seller Dynamics have extended their online marketplace management service to support eight Rakuten sites. Rakuten sites in the UK, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & Taiwan are now supported giving retailers a series of new sales opportunities biased toward the east. The additions complement the

New: Tradebox Accountancy Integration for

Tradebox have been delivering software solutions to online retailers across the UK for over a decade. From its inception, Tradebox software has successfully integrated with online marketplaces eBay and Amazon and have now released integration with the UK’s 3rd largest marketplace, Founded in Tokyo in