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By Sasha Fedorenko July 16, 2019 - 10:30 am

5 key approaches to 5 star Amazon product reviews

Success on Amazon requires sellers to be extremely vigilant about their reputation as a seller, particularly in the age of social proof. Building and maintaining a strong reputation on Amazon is, in fact, attainable. It takes hard work and can be complicated without the proper expertise

Understanding 5 factors behind the Amazon product reviews ecosystem

Although reviews on Amazon also operate with a five-star scoring model and allow customers to leave open-ended comments, there is a distinct difference between feedback and reviews. Amazon product reviews deal with the customer’s opinion about a specific product and have nothing to do with seller

Etsy sellers concerned over ‘unrealistic’ delivery review expectations

Some Etsy sellers are struggling to get five-star reviews claiming that the marketplace set unrealistic delivery expectations. The sellers are complaining that they told always ship on time. In a post on how to get 5-star reviews in their seller handbook, Etsy said that merchants should set

How customer reviews differ across leading marketplaces

Customer reviews allow shoppers to see the transparency of products' offering which plays an important part in their purchasing journey. The more detailed the product reviews section, the more are the chances of shoppers' getting reassured about their selection. It is often questionable when products' reviews

eBay UK to add Product Q&A feature to listings in October

According to an announcement from eBay UK, they will be adding buyer questions and seller answers to product reviews that appear in eBay listings over the next few months. As they say in their announcement: "It’s pretty standard for customers to want to ask a question

Protect your product review reputation with Bqool

We all know how important feedback is, it can make or break your reputation on a marketplace. Whilst sellers normally keep track of their seller feedback, on Amazon product reviews are just as important. That's especially so if you're selling your own unique branded goods. Bqool