Product identifiers

By Chris Dawson April 11, 2017 - 6:23 pm

Why you should never select “does not apply” for a GTIN on eBay

I'm seeing many hundreds of listings on eBay where the seller has simply added "does not apply" in place of a GTIN. Often I suspect it's because the seller hasn't invested in buying GTINs (Generally EANs in the UK and EU) for their own products,

eBay delays full roll out of Product Identifiers [video]

eBay has said that they will be delaying the February 2017 roll out of mandatory Product Identifiers. Obviously they're already required in some categories but it looks like the delay of the roll out, announced in Ireland and Australia, will also affect all other sellers.

eBay Product Identifiers rules delayed globally

Tamebay understands that the rollout of mandatory eBay Product Identifiers, scheduled for February, will be delayed until later in the year across the world. We believe that all eBay sites will be delaying this roll out. UK sellers will be officially informed early next week.

eBay delays Product Identifier launch on eBay Ireland

Last week eBay Australia announced that they will be delaying the launch of the new product identifier rules that were unveiled last year. Mandatory use of product identifiers across eBay, including in the UK, was expected in February 2017. But following Australia's lead, eBay Ireland has

eBay Australia delays implementation of Product Identifiers

eBay Australia has contacted sellers down under with news that their long-trialled introduction of Product Identifiers will be delayed from February 2017 until the autumn. We've written about this before. The new rules would have made it compulsory for sellers to include a product identifier

Meet the company: VendLab

Product Data was a big topic here on Tamebay in 2016 and it will continue to be in 2017. Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are demanding product identifiers and even search engines like Google are insisting on this data if you want your products

eBay Seller Release: eBay to support Amazon ASINs

eBay want to make it easier for you to add listings to the site, so much so that they're going to start support their arch rival Amazon's Product Identifiers. From February 2017 eBay will be expanding the types of product identifiers you can use to include

How do I optimize my eBay listings?

It never hurts to revise your eBay listings and optimise them for search, but where to start? Generally the place where you can make the biggest impact is the best strategy. There's no point getting every item specific correct for your slowest selling line if you

eBay’s new GTIN Single Product Page

eBay are using Product Identifiers to create new single product pages displaying multiple offers from competing sellers along with a recommended "Top Pick" deal. It would appear that eBay are heavily driving buyers to purchase the "Top Pick" and are endorsing it as the recommended deal. eBay