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By Chris Dawson September 19, 2017 - 2:22 pm

eBay UK Seller Release: Product Identifier requirements

In today's Autumn 2017 Seller Release, eBay announce that they are expanding the categories in which you must use product identifiers and introducing a number of other tweaks. We know that generally Product Identifiers are a pain in the next to manage, especially if you have

How to sell on eBay: eBay product identifiers #tamebayTV

This week we come to the end of our series of ten 'How to sell on eBay 'videos on #tamebayTV. This week we consider eBay product identifiers. These are the EANs and GTINs that help eBay and Google catalogue the goods you have to sell.

eBay requires Product Identifiers on certain brands and ‘Does Not Apply’ does not apply

Over the weekend quite a number of eBay sellers have been in touch with Tamebay regarding Product Identifiers (EANs, UPCS, GTINs etc) and saying they have been unable to list (or relist) their goods because they are not providing accurate details and opting to classify

eBay UK Product Identifiers Updates for Sellers

eBay have been emailing sellers this week with a number of updates regarding Product Identifiers. There are a couple of dates you'll want to be aware of and a couple of changes which may well impact how you list, encourage you to add Product Identifiers

New Tests and Seller Consequences confirmed by VP of Seller Experience

eBay have confirmed two tests that they're running and detailing three steps that they've recently taken to improve the marketplace. We don't know if all these steps will apply (yet!) on eBay UK, but if you trade on you certainly want to be aware

eBay block relists with invalid product identifiers

We've heard from a couple of readers who have been told by eBay that their listings have incorrect product identifiers and that they won't be able to relist until they correct them. “Some of your listings contain invalid product identifiers. Over the past 2 years, we’ve

Why you should never select “does not apply” for a GTIN on eBay

I'm seeing many hundreds of listings on eBay where the seller has simply added "does not apply" in place of a GTIN. Often I suspect it's because the seller hasn't invested in buying GTINs (Generally EANs in the UK and EU) for their own products,

eBay delays full roll out of Product Identifiers [video]

eBay has said that they will be delaying the February 2017 roll out of mandatory Product Identifiers. Obviously they're already required in some categories but it looks like the delay of the roll out, announced in Ireland and Australia, will also affect all other sellers.

eBay Product Identifiers rules delayed globally

Tamebay understands that the rollout of mandatory eBay Product Identifiers, scheduled for February, will be delayed until later in the year across the world. We believe that all eBay sites will be delaying this roll out. UK sellers will be officially informed early next week.

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