By Dan Wilson August 23, 2018 - 5:01 pm

PriceMinister has been fully migrated to Rakuten

The popular French ecommerce website and marketplace PriceMinister has now been fully migrated and rebranded as Rakuten. The Japanese online giant bought Priceminister in 2010. The rebranding and launch of their German site, previously Tradoria, was completed some months ago. The new website and domain name

Rakuten ditch Priceminister brand in France

Rakuten have at last decided to ditch the much loved Priceminister brand in France and are renaming the site to Rakuten but in a gentler way than the dumped the brand in the UK and Tradoria in Germany. Today if you visit it still

Marketplaces 2018: Priceminister

This post about Priceminister is part of Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series sponsored by Flubit. To find a full list of marketplaces we've written about this month, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here. Web address: Marketplace Overview Priceminister is a great big online marketplace

Logistics startup Cubyn raises $7 million for EU expansion

On-demand logistics startup Cubyn have just landed $7 million Series A funding which will be used to strengthen the company’s leadership position in France, launch operations in new European cities, scale acquisition and consolidate the management team. This is on top of their €1.1 million

Cubyn to launch in UK following PriceMinister partnership

On-demand logistics startup Cubyn have announced a partnership with Rakuten's PriceMinister in France giving 5,000 merchants the ability to tap into Cubyn’s on-demand logistics platform. Cubyn are almost unique amongst logistics solutions in that once you start using them you'll never have to pack another

Marketplace Focus: PriceMinister

Pentagon have kindly agreed to provide Tamebay readers with some additional insights into the marketplaces they introduced for the first time their recent Fashion Without Borders and Retail Without Borders event. Today they look at PriceMinister. About PriceMinister Founded in 2000 and acquired by Rakuten Group in

Cross Border Trade: French Marketplaces

Welcome to the fifth article in Intercultural Elements (ICE) series aimed at helping retailers expand their online sales abroad. We have already published the introduction, Cross Border Trade: The first steps are knowing where to go, Amazon Piggybacking and Up-and-coming markets. Today ICE come back to

Which France marketplaces should you sell on?

Greg Zemor is founder of Neteven, a marketplace management application which enables you to sell on eBay, Amazon, PriceMinister, Fnac, Pixmania, Rue du Commerce, La Redoute, Cdiscount, Brand Alley, Atosho and OneWorldAvenue in France and in Europe. As well as French and EU marketplace Neteven

Rakuten Acquires Tradoria in Germany

Rakuten are fulfilling their aim to open a UK and German site this year with the acquisition of Tradoria in Germany. They have acquired an 80% stake in Tradoria which was was founded in 2007 and employs a unique business model that encompasses a web

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