By Chris Dawson July 14, 2021 - 12:15 pm

Unite report Amazon for Coronavirus price gouging

Were you one of the people who hiked your prices for essential supplies on Amazon at the start of the pandemic? If so then it's possibly your fault that the Unite union are haranguing the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) regarding alleged abuse of Amazon's

Amazon price gouging guidance for merchants

Some useful Amazon price gouging guidance for merchants has been published. This is both a warning to those looking to make excessive profits from the Coronavirus pandemic as well as serving as a guide to merchants who have genuinely seen their wholesale costs sky rocket

Amazon may show higher priced offers [with faster delivery] for Prime than for non-subscribers

Amazon shows consumers one price in search results and then hikes the price by the time they get to purchase. Typically this appears to take place when the consumer has subscribed to Amazon Prime, they may see one price in search results but click to

eBay Multi-Variation listings 4X price restriction

If you sell using the Multi-Variation listing format on eBay, you need to be aware that there are some restrictions on price. Tamebay reader David discovered that when he went to edit one of his Multi-Variation listings eBay wouldn't let him - there's a price limit

Amazon removes RRP prices in the UK

It appears that RRP prices on have disappeared. We're not sure exactly when the vanished, but Tamebay reader John noticed "that this happened for 24 hours around a month ago but the RRP's have now been removed for over 4 days". There could be any

Selling your least popular products

Glenn sells on Amazon, as well as being a regular contributor to Tamebay. Today he talks about how to sell your least popular products: As a large man who outgrew Marks and Spencer's range of clothing several years ago I find myself selecting clothes primarily on

Amazon may not always be cheapest for books

Surprise suprise, Amazon appear to be raising book prices according to the New York Times. The more competition there is for a book the bigger the discount Amazon are likely to offer. However if it's a rarely purchased title the discount Amazon offer may well be

Neutral: I found it cheaper somewhere else

There's an interesting which you'll need a PowerSeller log in to view. A seller sold an item and subsequently the buyer found the product at a lower price and decided to leave neutral feedback. When the seller contacted eBay support the initial answer was that

How Multi-Variation prices are displayed in search results

Multi-Variation listings are used by many sellers (and recommended by eBay) as the best way to display products on eBay when they are available in a selection of sizes and colours. They are also often used by sellers in various categories for offering different lengths

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