By Chris Dawson November 19, 2018 - 11:15 am

Meet the company: PicClick
‘Where are they now?’

PicClick is a site which enables you to search visually on eBay. It's way faster than eBay search and returns an infinite scrolling page of images in seconds. Rather than a list or gallery view on eBay itself, it enable users to scan hundreds of

Meet the company: PicClick

PicClick is a site I can't help loving as it's a new exciting way to browse eBay. eBay have worked hard in recent years to persuade sellers to upload quality images and PicClick makes use of this with a visual search display of eBay listings

PicClick visual search leaves eBay looking dated

I've found a great new tool for buyers which makes visual search on eBay so much better than using the eBay site itself. PicClick lets you search faster, see more without scrolling and frankly makes eBay search results look dated and frankly a little bit


PicClick - Search eBay Faster.  PicClick provides a dramatically better user experience than, allowing you to see hundreds of eBay items faster than you normally would with’s standard view.  See it all, find it first with PicClick. PicClick also provides up to 50 similar

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