By Dan Wilson September 15, 2017 - 6:44 am

How to sell on eBay: eBay product identifiers #tamebayTV

This week we come to the end of our series of ten 'How to sell on eBay 'videos on #tamebayTV. This week we consider eBay product identifiers. These are the EANs and GTINs that help eBay and Google catalogue the goods you have to sell.

PayPal launches a cashback credit card

As PayPal is increasingly turning its eyes to the high street and offline spending And now they've got a new weapon in that arsenal: the humble plastic credit card. PayPal has joined with Synchrony Financial to launch the Mastercard cash back credit card. And the

The history of PayPal infographic: How big is PayPal?

It's often vital to take stock and reflect on the suppliers and services we all rely on: in this case  PayPal. That's why this infographic is interesting. It considers the journey of the big payments giant PayPal and asks questions of where it may head

Apple Pay to take on PayPal in Europe with Apple Pay Cash

As reported on the blog Letsgodigital, it looks like Apple is looking at ways to enhance its payments offering in Europe. Specifically, it looks like they're entering PayPal territory with a European patent application that will involved person to person payments. Payments between people are

Linnworks patch helps eBay sellers vulnerable to password theft

There are plenty of multi-channel software providers out there. They all seek to integrate you into various marketplaces, streamline your fulfilment operations, cheapen the cost of your postage and altogether make your life easier. But this update from Linnworks is the first time any such

PayPal closes accounts in wake of events in Charlottesville

It is reported that PayPal has shut down the fundraising accounts of white supremacist groups and others involved in, and supporting, recent events in Charlottesville, USA and who may who have been using the payments service to fund activities. You can read the full commentary

PayPal greetings cards feature added to the app

PayPal continues to develop their person to person payments service when it comes to ending money between friends and family. Or as they term it the digital gifting experience. It could be sending some cash as a thank you, for a birthday or paying your

Which payment options would you like to see on eBay?

eBay split from PayPal back on the 17th of July 2015 and at the time their operating agreement stipulated that the now separate two companies would work together until at least 2020. Initially eBay pledged that 80% of payments on the marketplace would be processed by

PayPal invests in UK based Cloud IQ ecommerce optimisation

It has been reported that PayPal has been part of a £4m investment round in ecommerce optimisation firm Cloud IQ. PayPal was joined in the funding by Nauta Capital, Juno and Finance Wales. The funding will be used to establish a new engineering centre in Cardiff,