By Chris Dawson July 27, 2020 - 8:00 am

Buy on Google adds Shopify and PayPal for Inventory Management & Payments

Google is read to take a swipe out of marketplace business with the addition of Shopify for inventory and order management and PayPal and Shopify for payment processing along with zero commission fees when customers buy your products through the Buy on Google checkout experience.

How to repay PayPal Working Capital with eBay payments

Starting this week, eBay are starting to transition sellers to eBay payments and, for those with an outstanding cash advance, the question arises as to how to repay PayPal Working Capital? It's important to realise that up to the point you are migrated to eBay payments,

eBay payments global rollout begins today

Starting today, the eBay payments global rollout begins. eBay will step up their transition from a world where PayPal was the defacto payment method on eBay and start to intermediate payments on their own platform. “We’ve been helping prepare sellers for a transition to eBay’s own

Will you stick with PayPal website payments after eBay payments?

For many online retailers, PayPal website payments has been a defacto choice if they already sell on eBay. I mean why wouldn't you - PayPal website payments are perfectly adequate (actually pretty superb!) and do the job but the most compelling reason for using PayPal

Update on PayPal Working Capital with eBay payments

Monday evening this week, PayPal emailed many sellers with an update as to how PayPal Working Capital with eBay payments will work (or more correctly won't work). Paying off existing PayPal Working Capital finance There are a couple of interesting points in the email. Firstly, if you

PayPal QR Codes launched in 28 markets for cash free payments

PayPal have rolled out the ability to use PayPal QR Codes to buy and sell goods in the UK and 27 markets around the globe. From local takeaway coffee shops to selling second-hand goods - the rollout of the QR code functionality in the PayPal

$2,500 PayPal fine for breaking PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

PayPal have published updates to the PayPal User Agreement which will come into effect on the 16th of June 2020. The most surprising change is PayPal commercial users will have to agree to a $2,500 PayPal fine if they break the PayPal acceptable use policy,

PayPal relief measures to assist merchants during Coronavirus crisis

A set of PayPal relief measures have been announced to help more than 24 million PayPal merchants around the world impacted by the coronavirus. They are waiving some fees and will be deferring repayments on business loans for some of its most affected small business

PayPal Business Financing Merchant Assistance Program

PayPal have quietly launched a PayPal Business Financing Merchant Assistance Program offer a 30 day pause on repayments on PayPal Working Capital Loans. If you would like to access this then you'll find it by logging into your PayPal Working Capital account. There will be no