By Chris Dawson May 22, 2019 - 4:11 pm

4 years after eBay PayPal split both now want decree absolute

When we've been talking talking in terms of the eBay PayPal split and eBay launching their new eBay managed Payments solution, we've largely considered things from the eBay side of the story. eBay see payments as being a massive money spinner as they intend to

What does PayPal-iZettle merger deal approval mean for SMBs?

The PayPal-iZettle merger has been approved by The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after halting the deal by launching an investigation over the union's possible impact on the imbalance of prices and quality of services for small medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The CMA concluded that the duo

Facebook Marketplace Payments coming soon

Facebook is to up their game as Facebook Marketplace Payments elevates the trading platform from a local classified ads site to a full blown marketplace. eBay have an advantage that most marketplaces don't in that anyone that wants to compete with them has to better their

PayPal Q1 results spotlight Instagram as eBay volume slumps

PayPal Q1 results have seen them set their focus on Instagram as eBay's volume declined this quarter, as PayPal's reduced thier reliance on eBay after partnering with Instagram in March 2019. According to PayPal's first quarter results for the period ended on the 31st of March,

Middle-Eastern and African consumers are most inclined to shop cross-border

Middle-Eastern and African consumers are most inclined to shop cross-border, says PayPal's Cross-border Consumer Research. The study examined how people shop online and across borders. The survey was conducted in 31 countries among a total of 34k consumers who are active online. According to the study 70%

Etsy to intermediate all PayPal on Etsy Payments

Etsy have announced the end of standalone PayPal on Etsy Payments. As previously announced Etsy have implemented PayPal on Etsy Payments, via Adyen as the solution that powers Etsy Payments, PayPal will still be available as a payment method on Etsy but funds will go

PayPal on eBay Payments in tests, Google Pay now live

eBay at last announced the upcoming launch of PayPal on eBay Payments. They now starting to make PayPal available in managed payments, are starting small with a handful of sellers and will continue to test and scale this feature to ensure a seamless and successful

PayPal fees to be kept when US sellers process refunds

PayPal have announced changes to their User Agreement for US users which will come into effect on the 7th of May 2019. The most concerning change is that if you make a refund, PayPal will no longer refund the PayPal fees charged on the original

Up to 50% off for 7th Anniversary of AliExpress

Alibaba are celebrating the 7th anniversary of AliExpress with an up to 50% off sale. PayPal, a payment method on AliExpress are joining in the celebration with $4 off a $30 order. The 7th Anniversary of AliExpress Paypal $4 off offer is running until midnight US