By Chris Dawson May 4, 2021 - 1:00 pm

Chinese eBay payments payouts to be powered by Payoneer

As announced earlier in the year, Chinese eBay payments are coming to Greater China over the next few months, but it's not a country where banking is as advanced as in the UK, so how do they get payments to sellers, especially in a multi-currency

Virtual bank accounts usage limited by Amazon

Many Amazon sellers make use of virtual bank accounts when trading in overseas marketplaces. Merchants have two choices - accept payment in the consumer's local currency and allow Amazon to exchange the funds back into Sterling, or open a virtual bank account with a payment

Payoneer Green Channel matches sellers with marketplaces

Payoneer have launched the Green Channel, a matching and onboarding program designed to connect marketplaces with top merchants that have been pre-screened by the company’s robust fraud prevention and compliance capabilities. The service enables marketplaces to grow their inventory rapidly by bringing on high-quality cross-border

Payoneer acquire optile payment platform

Payoneer acquire optile, a Munich-based tech company that streamlines payment acceptance processes for merchants worldwide, to boost merchant control of payments. Founded in 2010, optile’s open payment platform puts merchants in control of their business with the flexibility to add payment options and partners as their

Basecamp fire back at Google over Paid Ads ‘Ransom’

The issue of Google Ads has been highlighted by Basecamp, a workflow solution, who exasperated by seeing competitor's paid adverts appear ahead of them in search results decided to buy an ad themselves to make their point. Their ad called out that they have (as

Payoneer working capital loans announced at Payoneer Forum

At this month's Payoneer Forum, Daniel Mayhew, Country Manager UK at Payoneer announced a new offering - Payoneer Working Capital. You can now get a Payoneer Capital Advance based on your marketplace sales which currently focuses mainly on Amazon in the UK, although Walmart and

Payoneer Forum 2019 Round up

Anyone who walked past the QEII Centre in London yesterday can hardly have missed the fact that Payoneer were in town. The entire venue was flanked by an honour guard of Payoneer flags flying from every available flagpole to mark the Payoneer Forum 2019. This was

Payoneer Forum 2019: Top Tips for International Trade

One of the most valuable sessions at the Payoneer Forum 2019, was delivered by Barney Willis, Managing Director Managed Partners at We Are Pentagon. Following the presentation of a raft of marketplace opportunities for merchants who wish to go beyond the UK borders and expand

Jonny Steel opens The Payoneer Forum 2019

"Global conquest means expanding globally," is how Jonny Steel, vice president of marketing of Payoneer describes the mission of merchants aiming to move beyond their borders. Opening The Payoneer Forum 2019 today, Jonny Steel compared the sellers' mission of expanding overseas to global conquest. Jonny puts