By Chris Dawson September 17, 2021 - 10:16 am

Brands’ top pain points when selling on Amazon in EMEA

Global marketplace seller Pattern has surveyed brands selling on Amazon in Europe and the Middle East to determine how they utilise features of the platform, and their key pain points with the marketplace. Working with partner Profitero, Pattern surveyed brands between June and August 2021 and

Aussie Amazon Prime Shoppers up 63% in less than a year

Global ecommerce and marketplace specialist Pattern has polled Australian shoppers for the third time to assess their attitudes to Amazon Australia, and understand what’s driving the platform’s sales growth. Spoiler alert, Aussie Amazon Prime Shoppers are up 63% since this time last year. Amazon’s Prime Day

Tamebay Live 10:00am today: Reach profitability on Tmall Global

Already on Tmall Global and not seeing the success you were promised? Thinking about launching and want to understand what’s required? Join Pattern’s session, at Tamebay Live at 10:00am today, that will explain both the strategy and tactics you’ll need to employ to build a

Tamebay Live 11:05am today: Mastering marketplaces in the Middle East

Pattern is the authorised Amazon seller for brands such as Adidas, Reebok and KONG in the Middle East. In this session at 11:05 today, David Quaife will explain how brands can launch and optimise their performance on Amazon and Noon in the UAE and Saudi

Tamebay Live Day 3 – Brand Day

Today marks the Tamebay Live Day 3 and we're focusing on brands. If you are a brand selling on marketplaces then this is the day for your. Somewhat surprisingly, if you are a brand not selling on marketplaces then this is also a day for

Tamebay Live 1:30pm today: Brand protection and crucial reasons to consider Amazon

If you don’t sell your products on marketplaces then someone else will, is one argument for building a presence on Amazon. Of course, the reality is more complex, but it’s clear that brand protection is one factor to consider. Amazon marketplace seller Pattern will be

Amazon 2020 Brand Protection Report

The Amazon 2020 Brand Protection Report is out, providing a comprehensive view of Amazon say that they ensure customers shop from authentic products in its stores. The timing is interesting as news breaks that Amazon may have suspended some of the biggest private label brands

Pattern Amazon UAE Benchmarking Report reveals poor brand optimisation

Global marketplace seller Pattern has analysed 50 consumer brands selling on to understand and create a benchmark for best practice on the platform. The analysis has been published in the company’s Amazon UAE Benchmarking Report that is available for free download. The report highlights how

Expanding Cross Border – Reasons to attend Tamebay Live #4

There's no denying that it's been a tough year for cross border sales with Brexit, the pandemic, the Suez Canal delays and a host of other regulatory changes. That's why we're devoting a full day at Tamebay Live focusing on expanding cross border with best

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