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By Chris Dawson February 7, 2017 - 3:48 pm

AiMCo Packing Partner Business Partner Wanted

AiMCo's Packing Partner is one of my all time favourite bits of ecommerce software which I used for almost a decade after Tamebay reader Northumbrian highlighted their service. Packing Partner pulls in your orders from the various platforms and websites you trade on and produces pick

Packing Partner update for Saturday 28th May

eBay have made some changes to SMP over the weekend, so if you use Packing Partner then you'll need to download the latest updates from the Aimco website. The latest version includes the changes that eBay made on Saturday, and you'll need to install it before

Tips & Tricks: SMP Printing

We always like tips and tricks that make our daily eBaying life simpler, and today a reader has come up with a simple hack to make the new Selling Manager Pro behave a little more user friendly. If you usually print out the SMP sold products

Is there a multi-channel solution for Apple Mac?

I was asked an interesting question today - as a retailer grows "What's the best single system for generating invoices from eBay, Amazon and your own website?" Rather than process orders on three separate platforms the company are looking for a system to handle all

Update Aimco Packing Partner for eBay SMP changes

eBay have announced an overhaul of Selling Manager Pro at some point in the near future which will change it's look and appearance. If you use Packing Partner from Aimco you'll want to download the latest version and upgrade as they've updated the program to

Aimco Packing Partner upgrade required today

If you use Aimco Packing Partner you'll need to upgrade today due to some changes that eBay have made. If you don't upgrade collection of sales records will fail with the message "No total" for each invoice. Packing Partner collects sales records, formats addresses and gives

Aimco Packing Partner upgrades and add-ons

It's almost exactly a year since I started using Packing Partner from Aimco to produce invoices with integrated shipping labels. The software has just done what it was supposed to do, five days a week for the last year I've got so used to it

Integrated labels with Packing Partner

A few days ago Northumbrian suggested TameBay readers check out pickitpackit who supply plain or printed documents with integrated shipping labels along with Aimco Packing Partner software. [caption id="attachment_4764" width="450" caption="Click above to see Packing Partner In Action"][/caption]Packing Partner collects sales records from eBay (and most

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