By Chris Dawson November 29, 2019 - 10:30 am

Sustainability in ecommerce: what’s the future for online retailers?

This is a guest post by Eddie Latham, Co-founder and Director of Velocity Commerce, discussing sustainability in ecommerce, particularly focusing on packaging and deliveries but also how the product itself or the way you sell and bundle products can reduce your impact on the environment: This

Marketplace approaches to more sustainable shipping packaging

The Internet is changing how we shop but it's also changing the products we buy. Whilst on a shop shelf, packaging has to jump out at consumers and shout "Buy me!", online merchants use images to sell the product and shipping packaging is less important. How

Millennials not as environmentally friendly as over 35s

In a survey of UK adults by Whistl, 75% of respondents said they wanted e-retailers to minimise parcel packaging waste and use environmentally friendly materials for packaging their online purchases. In a surprise finding, Millennials do not appear to be as environmentally friendly as previously thought

The Savile Row Company sets the Eco-Friendly Packaging Standard

The Savile Row Company can be found in the heart of London’s Savile Row, home to the world’s finest tailors and have been crafting finely tailored shirts. With a flagship bespoke store at No 40 Savile Row they have also created a mail order business

Customers choose cost-saving shipping over sustainable delivery

Ahead of The Delivery Conference on 26th February, I'd like to share some insights into consumers' attitudes on sustainable delivery and packaging. While most consumers are concerned about the environment, more than a third (39%) wouldn't be willing to pay €0.10 (£0.8) extra for sustainable delivery,

Amazon September deadline for brands to improve product packaging

Back in December, it was revealed that Amazon identified CRaP products (Can’t Realise a Profit) which Amazon retail didn't really want to sell. These are heavy or bulky products they sell which are expensive to store and fulfil and Amazon would rather that Brands fulfilled

Packaging Tax for manufactures to pay for recycling schemes

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency (DEFRA) have set out plans to increase household recycling, which their latest report shows has flatlined in England. In typical government fashion they've decided that, rather than simply fix the problem, charging manufacturers a

How to save money on shipping costs

I recently purchased two nearly identical products on Amazon. One arrived in a large letter format and the other arrived in a small packet sized box. The cost for shipping would have been very different, although in this instance they were both supplied through Amazon

Deborah Meaden on ecommerce packaging and recycling

Linnworks put on a fantastic show at last week's Linn Academy with a packed hall for the keynotes and none more so than for Deborah Meaden's onstage live Q&A with the audience able to ask anything and everything. VIP ticket holders however, were able to

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