By Chris Dawson July 10, 2020 - 9:00 am

eBay New Mandatory Item Specifics from September

There are new mandatory Item Specifics coming into effect on eBay UK from the 9th of September. The new mandatory item specifics values are available now in eBay listing flows and eBay say they would encourage you to add them ahead of the September 9th

eBay make the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool free from today

Courtesy of eBay, the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool is once again free of charge with no obligations and without limit to all customers for free, until 31st December 2020. We were expecting the free service through eBay to end, but eBay have now announced that

New Mandatory eBay item specifics requirements for March 2020

eBay are today announcing new mandatory eBay item specifics requirements which will come into effect at the end of March 2020. The good news is that there are no major name changes or new attributes, this is a mandate to use already existing Item Specifics. Throughout

Optiseller give cost effective TecDoc catalogue access for auto parts traders

A new partnership between Optiseller, and TecDoc catalogue owner TecAlliance aims to offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for sellers of automotive parts and accessories. It focuses on fitment - making sure that the parts being sold contain the correct product data and include which

eBay UK Final status update and details on 15 October item specifics and classification changes

eBay UK have published a final status update and details on the 15 October Item Specifics and classification changes. This follows a similar announcement from and comes with the promise that eBay will never again roll out category changes and item specifics requirements simultaneously

15 October category and item specifics final update as work to fix continues

eBay have posted an official announcement board post on wrapping up their final steps to correct the 15 October category and item specifics update that went wrong. They have confirmed what Harry Temkin said that eBay will never again roll out new aspects and

Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool for eBay Item Specifics

Optiseller & eBay have been partners for a year now and been recommended as the go to tool for eBay Item Specifics in multiple eBay Seller Releases. A common complaint from sellers is that eBay put mandates in place without the tools to manage them

Upcoming eBay tools to automate Item Specifics for sellers

With this week's announcement that eBay are mandating more Item Specifics from this coming October, in the Home, Furniture & DIY, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Jewellery & Watches and Toys & Games categories, it's welcome news that new tools are being created, to make completing

New mandatory eBay item specifics for October 2019 announced

eBay have given sellers the promised 8 weeks notice that new mandatory eBay item specifics will be introduced this Autumn. The effective date is the 8th of October and four categories will be affected. eBay are now routinely giving 8 weeks notice of new mandatory Item