By Sasha Fedorenko February 1, 2019 - 11:02 am

New PayPal programme to help sellers pick ‘trustworthy’ trading platforms

New PayPal programme PayPal One Touch Seller Signup is designed to help merchants choose "trustworthy" trading platform as they aim to support their multichannel selling. The marketplace announced in their fourth-quarterly results conference call this Wednesday the launch of the programme that would facilitate sellers' trading on multiple

The omni-channel marketing checklist

With all the talk about omni-channel retail, many retailers will be wondering what it means to them and how to make their marketing work around it… Omni-channel retailing is an evolution of multi-channel retailing, but is concentrated more on a seamless approach to the customer experience

How to go from Mobile and Online to Multichannel

The evolution in technology has created a multitude of touch points between retailers and their customers. Customers are coming to expect the same quality of experience and service across all of these points.Welcome to the omnichannel. Omnichannel retail is here to stay and those retailers who

How to choose a multichannel solution provider

Choosing a multichannel software provider is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you'll ever have to make for your ecommerce business. A solution which is a good fit for your company can automate so many of the buying, selling and after sales processes that it'll

Choosing an ecommerce management system for your business

It’s a question we get asked a great deal (and several sellers quizzed Chris and I at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst this week: “which multi-channel/ecommerce management software system should I choose?” There are a number of options and great variety in the services available. But our answer is

Manchester Multichannel Conference 2017, Manchester: 12/5/17

10 expert speakers will look at the multichannel opportunity.

The case for multichannel selling [infographic]

Veeqo has produced this infographic explaining the benefits of multi-channel ecommerce selling.

The complete guide to multi-channel ecommerce growth [ebook]

Linnworks has produced a new ebook that examines multi-channel ecommerce growth and how you can profit from it. With the number of marketplaces available to sellers continuing to grow, there are significant opportunities for retailers of all sizes to expand their reach and drive more sales. The

Become a multichannel seller with Veeqo, webinar: 8/11/16

Veeqo will be holding a webinar in November that will examine the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves as you seek to become a multichannel seller. This session is particularly honed for Shopify sellers. It's going out on the 8th November and you can find

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