By Chris Dawson June 25, 2021 - 10:00 am

Windows 11 announced – upgrade rollout late in 2021

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, 6 years ago on the 29th of July 2015, it was the final version of Windows and spelled the end of constant almost annual updates to operating systems. Instead of having to buy a new version of Windows, you could

Experian partners with Microsoft to help businesses prosper

Experian have recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft which will help global businesses prosper by providing them with the tools they need to make more informed, intelligent decisions with their data and deliver better outcomes for their customers. Businesses that are Experian customers now

Microsoft partner with Indonesian online marketplace Bukalapak

Microsoft has formed a strategic partnership with Indonesian online marketplace Bukalapak to reshape how e-commerce is conducted in the country. Bukalapak will adopt Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform and Microsoft will make a strategic investment in the marketplace. The partnership will leverage Microsoft’s

FedEx and Microsoft team up to transform commerce

FedEx and Microsoft have teamed up to transform commerce by combining the global digital and logistics network of FedEx with the power of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud. Both companies are hoping to provide opportunities for their customers through multiple joint offerings powered by Azure and

Amazon dubs facial recognition bias claims ‘misleading’

Amazon dubbed a study "misleading" after it claimed that their facial recognition tool was racial and gender-biased. The research published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology compared similar tools from five companies including Microsoft and IBM. It had found that none of the companies could accurately read and

Mastercard and Microsoft set to advance digital identify verification

Mastercard and Microsoft are working together to advance digital identity verification that will see shoppers easily managing payments and shopping that requires identity-proof. The partnership is aiming to address the challenges shoppers face of being bound by online verification checks that need a proof of address, drivers'

Microsoft to increase Office 365 sharing limits

Microsoft have announced that from the 2nd of October 2018, they will increase the sharing limits for Office 365. Currently you can share your Office Home subscription with up to 5 people. From the 2nd of October this limit will increase to up to 6

Alexa open Cortana, Hey Cortana open Alexa

Amazon Alexa, although learning new skills rapidly is a bit useless as it can't check your email or your calendar. Microsoft would love you to use their Cortana virtual assistant but it's limited to Windows 10 devices and a couple of standalone virtual assistant speakers

Newegg and Microsoft team up to help computer shoppers

Newegg and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier for shoppers to find the Windows 10 computer they want. The North American tech-focused online retailer has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deploy a new shopping tool. Newegg’s Windows 10 Advisor – now available to

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